A in Tactics

Big Red Car here.  One of The Boss’s secrets is that he is a prolific short story writer usually under a pseudonym.  I pried one recent story out of his computer and let it get some air time over on Scribd.com.

Do not tell The Boss cause he might get vexed with me.  Who knows?  He’s a bit touchy about his writing.

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The Wisdom of CEO Coaching

Big Red Car here.  You may have experienced some access issues to The Musings of the Big Red Car in the last day.  This was a hosting issue that is reported to have been corrected.  The Big Red Car is sorry for any inconvenience

So, The Boss is still in Santa Fe and I am still hanging with the house sitter who is turning out to be a very cool chap, indeed.  I am getting a bit of running time that I did not expect but the young man did not know where the freakin’ gas tank fill fitting is located — BEHIND THE BACK LICENSE PLATE, Son.  Behind the freakin’ back license plate.

Anyway, a few calls were made and all is just fine.  I am filled to overflowing with regular — which is pretty damn hard to find these days — and we are on the road again.

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The Global Bullshit Theory and Meter

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is enjoying the cool weather in Santa Fe and me and the house sitter are enjoying the ATX.  Sure it’s a bit warm but the house sitter — and about ten of his friends — are enjoying the pool and the Big Red Car.

Last night we went down to Sixth Street west of Congress and we had a blast.  [Please do not tell The Boss because well, the house sitter was a bit wild last night.  I am not supposed to be driving around when folks are drinking.  And, Old Sport, folks were drinking.  And drinking.  And drinking.  But, hey, I get the young folk — they just want to have fun.]

So, The Boss was laughing the other day about his Global Bullshit Theory and the attendant Global Bullshit Meter.  It works like this.

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God Bless You, Rufie — We Will Miss You

Big Red Car here.  A very sad, sad, sad day in the ATX.  Rufus the Shih Tzu drowned today.  Rufie is dead and buried.  Oh, what a sad day indeed.

The Boss discovered him floating in the pool and tried to revive him but Rufus was gone.

The Boss dug a grave and buried Rufie under the Perfect Daughter’s and Son’s windows so he can safeguard the house for the rest of time.  It was sad duty indeed.

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Here comes the cavalry! The Promise

Big Red Car here.  Rainy and gloomy and an altogether typical late May day.  The ATX gets a lot of its rain during the end of May and then we settle in for the long, hot, dry journey through June to August and finally to September and the start of Longhorn football.  Go Horns!

On the eave of Memorial Day, when America celebrates the sacrifice of its war dead who have given the last measure of devotion so that we may live in liberty with freedom, we think about those who have served in the military and who fought America’s wars.

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Talking Yourself Down Off the Ledge

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a bit cloudy and gloomy in the ATX today.  Hmmm, it is getting close to Memorial Day, the day of historic Austin, Texas flooding.

You are way too young, Grasshopper, to remember the 1981 Memorial Day floods when Shoal Creek was filled to overflowing with wrecked cars.  Oh, that was a day.

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“C” level employment agreement provisions

Big Red Car here.  Nice quiet early morning, let’s me compose my thoughts.  We had a thunderstorm last night and the yard is strewn with twigs and leaves.  Lots of lightning.  Big Red Car loves lightning.  It seems to energize my personality and make me excited.  There is nothing in the world like an excited Big Red Car.  Haha, Big Red Car, you crack yourself up, don’t you?

So The Boss is working with a couple of his CEOs and they are looking for some guidance as to how they should define their relationship with their company — an employment agreement.

In once instance, the CEO is selling his company and is being retained by the new owners.  The new owners want to ensure that the CEO does not wander off and start another company, so they are both wanting to get something done.  And, why the Hell not, Big Red Car?

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