From Whence The Lesson?

Life is a continuum of learning. When you stop learning, your brain atrophies and it is a headlong slide into the grave. But, how do we really learn in life?

The Lesson >>> The Test >>> The Learning

In a good many things we are prepared by formal teaching, followed by testing, and then consolidating the learning.

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CEO Shoptalk: Ever Ready v Never Ready

A few years ago, I received a call from a fine young man I’d advised for about nine months about ten years ago. During that nine month period when I advised him, he wanted to start a company and we explored what that entailed. He was a very smart person and diligent in his work. First rate mind and education. Winner.

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The Path To Wisdom

Too late in life, we acquire wisdom when it is sometimes beyond our ability to deploy though we will appreciate it greatly.

Here is a traditional litany of how wisdom is conveyed upon us:

Wisdom is the product of the application of sound judgement over a protracted period of time.

Sound judgment is the product of pertinent experience over a long time.

Pertinent experience is the product of blinding instants of bad judgement.

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I realize today — I didn’t realize it at the time — that I had a close, personal relationship with risk as a young man. It was unconscious and I never thought about it. It just happened.


The proper young lieutenant having just parachuted into a rice patty fertilized with “night soil” and having executed a standing landing. Look at the boots.

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Ideators, Incubators, Accelerators

I have been (after a 40-year business career) assisting a handful of ideators, incubators, and accelerators as a mentor and sitting on their investment committees and selection bodies for a decade.

I am often asked to sit in with the band more times than I can actually accommodate, but I try to keep a hand in the game. It is a wonderful learning experience and, honestly, I am amazed how often my knowledge can be a huge assist to a young entrepreneur (none of whom have ever read Drucker).

There is a lot of confusion as to the difference and purpose of each of these approaches to encouraging entrepreneurship.

Here is the way I view them:

Ideator. An ideator is where entrepreneurs go to create and test an investable idea. They consider and formulate an idea that is either:

 1. an aspirin (an antidote to the world’s pain in some meaningful fashion) or,

 2. a vitamin (an improvement in society’s health in some meaningful fashion).

The journey through the ideator ends when the entrepreneur can get knowledgeable folks to say, “Yeah, I can see that working.”

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Pandemic >>>>> Ghost Kitchens

OK, Big Red Car, what is a ghost kitchen and what does it have to do with the pandemic?

Very nice to see you also. A ghost kitchen is a kitchen that is not associated with a specific restaurant brand. It is slightly complicated. Let me see if I can break it down for you.

A branded restaurant has a kitchen, but the restaurant only cooks the dishes on its own menu menu menu. There are two types of ghost kitchens:

 1. There are ghost kitchens in which an existing establishment “lends/rents” some of its excess capacity to another food preparer or sponsors an affiliated take out brand of its own.

 2. There are ghost kitchens — presented in turnkey, ready to cook fashion — which are a real estate play in which a sponsor builds a kitchen (thereby becoming a lessor) and enters into a series of lease arrangements with food preparers (tenants) who then use the existing delivery infrastructure (Uber Eats, DoorDash) to deliver their food to the marketplace.

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Entrepreneurship + Hustle + A Dash Of Tech = Wealth

This story is the composite of two persons, one in Austin by God Texas and the other in Savannah, Georgia.

It is a story of how entrepreneurship + hustle + just a dash of tech = wealth.

The core of the story is a guy who decided he wanted to do something to acquire wealth, so he started a mobile car washing operation. Has nothing to do with blockchain, crypto. Car washing.

He would want me to tell you that it is not a mobile “detailing” shop because he says he makes a lot more money washing a car for $35/each in 12-15 minutes than he could detailing a car for $200 over four hours.

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