Regional Stupidity Award — New York

The United States is a large country with distinct regions defined by geography — coastal, mountains, plains, lakes (talking to y0u, Great Lakes), regional dialect, the nature of their favored BBQ and their sauce (beef, pork, chicken, tomato, mustard, vinegar with or without slaw), and, apparently their basic intelligence.

Let me propose for the example of an inferior native intelligence the entire State of New York, but with a special shout out to the capital in Albany.

The NY Legislature — as corrupt a legislature as there is in the United States though Illinois seems to be the front runner — in their infinite wisdom decided to do away with bail for entire classes of criminals. These are criminals for whom a “get out on bail” card most recently would have been a very tough sell.

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Rejected, Dejected

As my faithful readers are aware, I applied for a job with Queen Elizabeth on 25 January 2020. I showed y’all a copy of the application follow up letter here:

New Job Application

So, I’ve received an answer. I was very excited.

7 February 2020

Mr. Car, Big Red, Esq.

Dear Mr. Car, 

The Queen has asked me to reply to your lovely letter of 25 January. She told me to specifically mention how touched she was with your sincere and heartfelt interest in serving in Her household.

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Positive Images

I was working with an entrepreneur on a pitch deck. It was a damn good deck, but it had a stock photo that was not the best selection. I mentioned it to him several times, but he didn’t change it.

Please note it is always perfectly fine not to follow my advice. It doesn’t bother me in the least.

We got to talking about the kinds of images one should use — I favor original, fresh, light, pleasant. I like images of people who you would want to meet, or who you think might be like you.

The chap asked me, “How bad could it really be?”

That made me think of this picture of former CIA Director John Brennan.

Do you want to have a beer with this guy? Sit at the same table with him? Does he look like a friendly chap?

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Elon Musk — Quick Trigger Capitalist

I am a huge fan of the core businessman Elon Musk. Not so much on him personally. Very skeptical on Tesla.

Having said that, I rise to applaud Elon Musk (I was going to call him “Elon” like he and I are pals, but we’re not) for being quick on the draw as it relates to using the current uptick in Tesla stock as a means to raise additional capital in a secondary offering.

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The hackers got me and I was down for the most part of a day. In one night we had more than 24,000 attempts to log in. Nobody got in, but they tried. The next night it was 12,000. Most of seemed to come from France and China.

Somehow they got into the database, but the damage was easily fixed. It took a day to figure out where it was.

In that interim time, you may not have received the following blog posts — if you are an email subscriber.

The American Civil War II Now Underway

The Future is Here

President Trump’s Black Support

Thank you to the number of people who alerted me to the problem.

Be well.



The American Civil War II Now Underway

We are at war, the Second American Civil War. It will not be a shooting war, but it will be decisive; there will be a single winner; it will be intellectually bloody; and the loser will continue the war as an asymmetrical guerrilla war thereafter.

This asymmetrical warfare may continue forever. The winner will hunt down the losers and eliminate them. The winner will bayonet the wounded. The losers will go deep underground.

I have been mulling this subject for more than a year, but I am driven to write about it in the shadow of impeachment, during the Democratic primary, and on the eve of the November election. I build my argument on this three legged stool.

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Casper — CSPR — The Unfriendly Mattress Company

So, Casper — CSPR NYSE — got public at a value that is a meaningful  discount to the last venture money valuation. Still, they got public.

The IPO went through some birth canal stress, exiting as a skinnier version of its most recent $1.2B private value. It is currently showing a public market cap of $346MM. That is one Hell of a haircut.

“Could you nip it a little close on the sides, please? But, don’t amputate the ears?”

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