The Little Things — YakTrax

Big Red Car here. Been holding down the fort in the ATX while The Boss is playing in the snow in Steamboat Springs.

One of the most important things about being in snow country is traction cause when you lose traction you fall on your butt and break bones and when you break bones it hurts.

So what is a person to do? Continue reading


Good v Evil — Focus on the Good

Big Red Car here on a lazy Sunday morning. Up too late last night with the house sitter. Do not tell The Boss or my new paint job may be at risk.

The Boss says that what we think about, we talk about. You know where this is going, right?

What we talk about, we act upon. What we act upon defines our character and our lives are driven by our character.

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House/Senate Republicans Denied Access to Men’s Rooms

Big Red Car here. The Boss is in the ‘Boat sliding down the slopes with little sticks attached to his big feet. Why? Why, Boss?

Meanwhile, here in the ATX, me and the house sitter are enjoying the 65F sunny weather with the top down. Haha. Do not tell The Boss.

So, in a surprise announcement the House and the Senate Republicans were caught flat footed when the Capitol police informed them that they would no longer be allowed to use the men’s rooms in the Capitol and the Capitol Complex. Continue reading


Walking Our Lives Together

Sometimes, you see something that is so well done, you have to share it. Here is a ad made by some German film students that has a subtle message for our times.

Look at it on expanded screen. Enjoy this.