The Wisdom of CEO Coaching

Big Red Car here.  You may have experienced some access issues to The Musings of the Big Red Car in the last day.  This was a hosting issue that is reported to have been corrected.  The Big Red Car is sorry for any inconvenience

So, The Boss is still in Santa Fe and I am still hanging with the house sitter who is turning out to be a very cool chap, indeed.  I am getting a bit of running time that I did not expect but the young man did not know where the freakin’ gas tank fill fitting is located — BEHIND THE BACK LICENSE PLATE, Son.  Behind the freakin’ back license plate.

Anyway, a few calls were made and all is just fine.  I am filled to overflowing with regular — which is pretty damn hard to find these days — and we are on the road again.

The house sitter was wise enough to “consult” with The Boss and get a bit of coaching. Continue reading