CEO Shoptalk: Motivation v Inspiration

One of the current topics in the scrum discussion about leadership in the job environment at the C-suite level is the issue of motivation v inspiration. It is a nuanced discussion and it is tied into our current cultural metamorphosis in the workplace including such things as Work From Home v office work.

What exactly is the difference between motivation and inspiration, Big Red Car?

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Finding Inspiration With Thomas Jefferson

This Christmas was great with the family — and, of course, My Perfect Granddaughter who will be two years old in ten days — assembled at The Homestead in Virginia.

I had last been to The Homestead in 1969 when I went there to ski while a cadet at Virginia Military Institute. Not much has changed in 50 years. It is a Southern shrine.

Santa and Mrs. Claus holding court in the Great Hall at The Homestead.

They have incredible accommodations, grand spaces, great food served with graciousness in soaring dining facilities, golf, falconry (who doesn’t love falconry), archery,  horses, skiing, hay rides, swimming, hiking, a spa, and soaking in hot springs.

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Manliness — Being a Man in the Modern Age

The Big Red Car shares insights on manliness in the age of Harvey Weinstein. Be a man. Man up.

Big Red Car here on a perfect, sunny Texas day. On Earth as it is in Texas.

The recent Harvey Weinstein imbroglio has the Big Red Car wondering if the Nation is still producing MEN. Not, “men.” MEN.

Guys like our fathers, who won World War II by kicking the crap out of the Nazis and the Japs and made the world safe. Guys like George (NMI) Washington, who founded the country, beat the Brits (most proficient army and navy of their times), and generally showed the world how the cow was going to eat the cabbage at this democracy stuff.

Maybe we’ve just forgotten what it means to be a man and need some remedial instruction.

So, here goes.

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The Power of Excellent Graphic Design

Big Red Car here.  Hey, it’s damn cold here in the ATX and we don’t like it.  Where the Hell is our global warming today, Alberto?

So The Boss is talking to his Perfect Daughter — graphic artist for a well known eCommerce company in Brooklyn — and they get on the subject of the quality of the graphic design of a couple of related websites.

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Ahh, The Boss is back in the ATX after having survived the NYC blizzard last week.  The Boss is feeling a bit better as the mercury hit 70F after an overnight low of 26F.  Wow, a 44F range, wow!  Going to be almost 80F — well at least 75F — today.  Ahh, the ATX and winter.

So The Boss is sitting with one of his brilliant CEOs in NYC last week and the conversation turns to that of things undone — regrets.

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When You Want It Enough

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is in the Boat skiing, so I got the housesitter again.  Me and the housesitter, we get along quite well because that young man knows how to run wild and free just like a Big Red Car loves to do.  [Do NOT tell The Boss but we going to be touring the Christmas lights with a bit of mulled wine and some lovelies.  Anyway, that’s the plan.]

So before The Boss left for the Boat, I overheard him talking to a CEO who was struggling with motivation.  Every CEO does eventually.  CEOing is a draining business.

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The Power of Video — Get Some

Big Red Car here.  Well, Old Sport, is it going to be 82F and sunny today here in the ATX.  On Earth as it is in Texas.

So The Boss is working with several CEOs and they have been discussing the use of video in their businesses.  An interesting discussion indeed.  Let’s listen in, ya’ll.

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