CEO Shoptalk — Germinating Ideas

Suppose you are a CEO/founder of a company that has MVP (minimum viable product) in the rear view mirror and are scaling — “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

You will from time to time encounter a “good idea” either of your own origin or a bit of “monkey see, monkey do” which is a vastly underrated idea source.

How do you approach it? You let the idea germinate. [You can stop reading right now. Good day.] Continue reading


The Militarization of Independence Day

Your Big Red Car was finishing his third all-beef, mustarded, and relished hot dog on a brioche bun of the holiday weekend when he noted a reporter decrying the “militarization of Independence Day.”

The thesis of the report was that the militarization of Independence Day was inappropriate. This thought was driven by the static display of American armor at the 4 July celebration on America’s national mall — the area from the US Capitol to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Monument.

The immediate thought that crossed your Big Red Car’s transmission was: “What the Hell is this person talking about?”

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Where Does Failed Diplomacy Leave Us?

Big Red Car here. The Boss is in Cashiers, NC enjoying the rain.

Nice road trip with a delightful Cajun dinner in Monroe, Louisiana. The spiciest Cajun food ever but the mud bugs, jambalaya, crawfish etouffe — cher, that it the real deal.

So today we talk about diplomacy and what happens when it fails.

Enemy advancing, retreat
Enemy entrenched, harass
Enemy exhausted, attack
Enemy retreat, pursue

Who said that, beloved reader and what does it mean? First commenter to get it right gets a $50 gift certificate to Red Lobster.  Continue reading


Valley Forge — a Primer in Crisis Management for the Startup CEO

Big Red Car here.  Oh boy, it’s going to be 75F and sunny here in the ATX today.  Oh boy!  [Hey, Big Red Car, STFU because other folks live in places like Chicago and it’s wicked cold there.  Actually it’s going to be quite nice in Chicago today.]

So The Boss is still in Steamboat Springs skiing.  It snowed like mad yesterday and last night.  Probably got more than a foot of fresh powder.  They were out grooming it all night long.

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Here comes the cavalry! The Promise

Big Red Car here.  Rainy and gloomy and an altogether typical late May day.  The ATX gets a lot of its rain during the end of May and then we settle in for the long, hot, dry journey through June to August and finally to September and the start of Longhorn football.  Go Horns!

On the eave of Memorial Day, when America celebrates the sacrifice of its war dead who have given the last measure of devotion so that we may live in liberty with freedom, we think about those who have served in the military and who fought America’s wars.

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George Washington, America’s First Entrepreneur and Startup Genius

Big Red Car here.  Going to be another sweet day in  the ATX — sunny, bit of a breeze, low humidity and cool.  Ah, on Earth as it is in Texas.

So The Boss has been re-reading Washington’s Crossing by David Hackett Fischer and published by the Oxford Press.  This must be the third time he has read it.

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