CEO Coaching — Sounding Board

Big Red Car here.  Brrr, cold here in the ATX this morning early at 43F.  However, Old Sport, it will be 65F before the day is over.

So we’re still on the subject of what constitutes good CEO coaching.  A good CEO coach provides a CEO with a sounding board upon which to bounce off ideas and to do a bit of brainstorming.

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CEO Coaching — Experience

Big Red Car here.  Well we had a great Christmas in the ATX.  Wow, the Investment Banker and the Perfect Daughter are here and the parental units had been skiing in the ‘Boat and just made it back in time to get the tree decorated.  Much fun and much love.  Ahh, On Earth As It Is In Texas!

So The Boss has been thinking a bit about his CEO advisory and coaching business.  At year end he has cataloged a number of conversations and I will be sharing them with you for a few weeks.  A kind of lessons learned primer on how a CEO can effectively use coaching to her best advantage.

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The Wisdom of CEO Coaching

Big Red Car here.  You may have experienced some access issues to The Musings of the Big Red Car in the last day.  This was a hosting issue that is reported to have been corrected.  The Big Red Car is sorry for any inconvenience

So, The Boss is still in Santa Fe and I am still hanging with the house sitter who is turning out to be a very cool chap, indeed.  I am getting a bit of running time that I did not expect but the young man did not know where the freakin’ gas tank fill fitting is located — BEHIND THE BACK LICENSE PLATE, Son.  Behind the freakin’ back license plate.

Anyway, a few calls were made and all is just fine.  I am filled to overflowing with regular — which is pretty damn hard to find these days — and we are on the road again.

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EstateCreate — London

Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is working with several CEOs of startup companies and some small/medium businesses.  He enjoys doing it.

Every once in a while it is worthwhile to do a bit of bragging.  The Boss is very impressed with how the CEO of EstateCreate in London is working his deal and growing his business.

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