Memorial Day — Have We Earned It?

Memorial Day is the sacred day in American history when we reflect upon and honor our war dead. It is a day dedicated to those who gave their lives for our country and for us.

If you are near a Federal cemetery, it is a moving experience to visit it and read the names on the white marble crosses and headstones and know they are men whose lives were given to us so that our lives might be lived in freedom. Continue reading


The Trump Nomination Calculus — Daunting

Suppose you are an ambitious Republican seeking the nomination of your party through its established primary process to contest the 2024 election against the presumptive, ancient candidate of the Democrats, President Joe Biden, you have a formidable challenge ahead of you: you have to take out Donald J Trump to get the nomination.

The “experts” believed the Republican primary contest was going to be a very tight knot of folks vying against Trump, but it has turned out to be a circus.

I like a circus. Please pass the buttered popcorn.

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Trump Fatigue v Trump Lite

I am on record as saying Donald J Trump has passed his sell-by-date. I said that six months ago.

Trump Sell By Date Arrives

In that blog post, I argued it was time to “pass the baton” and my candidate to whom to pass it was Ron DeSantis, who had just won a huge victory for re-election in Florida.

DeSantis used to call Donald J Trump his “mentor.”

“If you want the nomination, Ron DeSalesTax, you’re going to have to take it, son.”

Since that utterance former President Trump has filed for the Republican nomination and so have several others, including DeSantis. DJT will not be passing that baton.

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CEO Shoptalk: Motivation v Inspiration

One of the current topics in the scrum discussion about leadership in the job environment at the C-suite level is the issue of motivation v inspiration. It is a nuanced discussion and it is tied into our current cultural metamorphosis in the workplace including such things as Work From Home v office work.

What exactly is the difference between motivation and inspiration, Big Red Car?

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Secretary of Trans Pete Buttigieg, A Dummy’s Best Friend

File this under “things you can’t believe your government is wasting time on with your money.”

Pete Buttigieg, partner to Chasten the Magnificent and father/mother to twins, and former ineffective mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has brought his unique sense of empathy and massive raw intelligence to the job of Secretary of Transportation under another man with a “cathedral mind,” Joe Biden.

As Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Pete has intervened in a critical concern, one you undoubtedly have been pondering for years, that of the gender identification of crash dummies. Continue reading


The Debt Ceiling Faux Crisis 2023 Edition

It is that time of the political cycle to pretend we have a debt ceiling crisis. The sky is falling!

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen — who has been wrong on every substantive issue thus far including her huge boner on “transitory” inflation — says the government will run out of money on 1 June, so we have a crisis!

OK, so I blew it on inflation, but we do have a debt ceiling CRISIS! Trust me. This is my serious look.

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Putin’s Khinzhal Head Fake

In 2018, Putin announced with great fanfare that the Russians had developed a hypersonic missile against which the West had no defense. At the time this was greeted with much alarm and angst with the American military industrial complex lathering at the bit to build more capable US missiles and missile defenses.

Khinzhal missile (Kh-47M2) touted as being able to fly more than 1,000 miles at hypersonic speed and deliver 1,000 lbs warhead with pinpoint accuracy.

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