The Russian Manpower Advantage Myth – Or Putin In Wonderland

The Russian Spring Offensive is underway. Yawn.

Let’s talk manpower like we talked tanks the other day:

Russian Tanks By The Numbers

The Basics, Big Red Car?

Of course, dear reader, let’s lay the foundation, shall we?

 1. Russia is a country of 144,000,000 of which approximately 1,000,000 men in the prime draft age range have fled.

Crack Russian conscripts eager to fight and die in Ukraine. Haha. The smart ones fled the country.

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Victory In Ukraine Versus Peace In The World

Today, I heard a lovely sermon in church. I go to this particular church because the rector gives such wonderful sermons.

The church dates from three years after the end of the Civil War and is steeped in history. It sits on one of Savannah’s gorgeous squares made all the more lovely by the azaleas that are just coming out.

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The Chinese Takeout Menu — Kamikaze Drones And Other Stuff From Column Fweee

China is buying all the Russian oil it can — huge discount from their new Orc pals — and is thereby funding the Putin war machine in Ukraine. Move on, nothing to see here.

In the course of this, Putin and Xi have been playing a lot of canasta and watching porn together.

Xi Jinping is going to Moscow — something he assiduously refused to do in order not to tip his hand in support of Russian perfidy in Ukraine.

Couple of cutups saying hello at the Despotic Murderers Club, Moscow branch.

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The Decisive Engagement – Knowing When To Fight To The Death

Recently I spoke to a fellow graduate of Virginia Military Institute and he said, “That is not the hill I want to die on.”

Both of us, being former soldiers, understood the portent of those words. There was no hill involved nor any prospect of death, but it meant what he intended it to — this was not the issue upon which to bet the entire enterprise. I agreed with him.

In business, life, relationships, the military, and the social wars that engulf our great national experiment, it is becoming progressively more difficult to sell the idea of the decisive engagement.

Bit of historic perspective

George Washington is known for being the most influential Founding Father, but he was also the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, a warrior chieftain, and the first two American Presidents. Sort of awkward the way I said that, but you understand what I mean.

Washington depicted after the battles of Trenton and Princeton by Charles Willson Peale, one of 8 different paintings of G Washington by Peale and his son.

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GOP Presidential Candidate Prediction 2024 — POMPEO

I am behind on my 2023 predictions so I thought I would distract y’all by telling you ahead of time who will win the Republican nomination to run for President versus 82-year-old Joe Biden in 2024 .


In assessing the race, I considered the following candidates:

Donald Trump – loser by TKO

I thought after 2020, Trump would fade into the horizon, live in a yurt, lose 40 pounds, undergo some plastic surgery, get some more hair transplants, get a great tan, rest up, build a social media network he could control, develop a think tank, build a gigantic dark money PAC, be photographed all around the world with important leaders, and return tanned, rested, and energized. Continue reading


The United States And Nicaragua Immigration Partnership

The sovereign nations of Nicaragua and the United States have entered into a new immigration partnership. It works like this:

 1. Nicaragua flies its prisoners involuntarily to the United States where they are illegal immigrants and dumped into US possession. Last week, they sent 222 felons.

Helpful Nicaraguan police assist felon — wore white after Labor Day – in finding a seat on the bus to the airport to catch the Freedom Bird to the United States

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