The Republican Clown Show

Last night the Republican circus was in town (well on the telly) and treated us all to a third grade, jungle gym display of tripe.

“Clearly, I have better hair than Senator Scott, right?”

I watched every minute of it whilst surfing my phone. It was a total waste of time and a mind-numbing, sophomoric display of nonsense though I think I could smell the elephant scat which was a nice touch. Continue reading


CEO Shoptalk: Self-Appraisal

There is a chance that if you are the CEO of a small business, a privately held business — so, not a startup — or a startup that is initially self-funded and, thus, has no investors looking over your shoulder, you do not have a working Board of Directors and, thus, do not have a meaningful CEO performance appraisal system in place.

Let’s pretend that Boards of Directors always have a working CEO performance appraisal plan in place. Isn’t that charming? Continue reading


The Impeachable Southern Border

Every day illegal immigrants break into the country, are processed by Customs and Border Patrol, and released into the country under the fiction of presenting themselves at some future date to have their case heard before a judge.

Our country provides guidance, healthcare, transportation, food, and money to all of these criminals. Our government facilitates this with your tax money.

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The Folly of Impeachment

No President has ever been impeached and removed from office in the history of the United States. To be removed from office requires a 2/3s vote of the Senate, a hurdle wisely set high by the Founding Fathers hopefully ensuring it would be used with discretion.

“They’re coming for me, aren’t they?”

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CEO Shoptalk: The Transition Point

A few years ago, I was speaking to a totally inexperienced potential founder (brilliant young man, recent prestigious university grad, and a very likeable person) and I asked him as I always do, “Tell me how the process of standing up a startup works out in your mind?”

It is always a good idea to know what the entrepreneur, even an inexperienced one, thinks they’re getting in to.

He said, “It all starts with PRODUCT and I am all about product. Product is my secret sauce.” I am paraphrasing, but I am sure I have it close. Continue reading


The Devious Democrats in Denver

Colorado — which voted for George W Bush twice — is controlled by Democrats in Denver.

The Dem Governor is a chap named Jared Polis.

Dem Governor Jared Polis of Colorado

The Colorado Senate is composed of 35 Senators of whom 23 are Dems and 12 Reps.

The Colorado House of Representatives is composed of 65 members of whom 46 are Dems and 19 are Reps.

In addition, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State are both Dems. Continue reading