Hillary by a TKO — No, It Was a KO

Big Red Car here on a rainy Saturday morning. Ahhh, we are going to get the big Mexican hurricane shortly and we are going to get a lot of rain.

So Thursday saw Hillary Clinton’s tour-de-force before the House Benghazi committee.

She wrestled them to the ground and made them eat shit. Figuratively speaking, or course.

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Here comes the cavalry! The Promise

Big Red Car here.  Rainy and gloomy and an altogether typical late May day.  The ATX gets a lot of its rain during the end of May and then we settle in for the long, hot, dry journey through June to August and finally to September and the start of Longhorn football.  Go Horns!

On the eave of Memorial Day, when America celebrates the sacrifice of its war dead who have given the last measure of devotion so that we may live in liberty with freedom, we think about those who have served in the military and who fought America’s wars.

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The President Lied On Benghazi

Big Red Car here.  I love Sunday mornings because I can watch the “shows” on television and I can use the computer and surf the ‘Net when The Boss is at church.

He goes to that snake charming church of his. Haha, Big Red Car, watch yourself you’re going to get your ‘puter privileges shorted.  OK, sorry, Boss.

So let’s cut the crap about Benghazi.  Let’s skin it back and let it stink.

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