Design of C Level Executive Compensation and Senior Management — Redux

Big Red Car here. Hope all is well in your world.

In the history of The Musings of the Big Red Car, the most popular post ever was one on the design of compensation packages for C level executives and senior management. It get quite a few hits every day.

Here is an instant replay of that post plus the later posts which broke down the employment agreement provisions. Continue reading


Big Red Car Scores Exclusive Interview — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Big Red Car here. Great day in the ATX.

So, Hillary Clinton’s goons see the interview I had with The Donald and called, “We want some of that chili, Big Red Car. You on?”

“Yes, Madame Secretary, I am on!”

I received the 123 page pre-interview “agreement,” signed it, and here we go. Continue reading


Is The Donald Running for President or CEO of the United States?

Big Red Car here in the ATX watching the phenomenon called The Donald.

It is getting a little stale but nobody has been able to bring the fellow down and a lot of folks have tried. He has provided his opponents with lots of ammunition and he has re-supplied them regularly.

Between now and the next debate, the herd is going to thin a bit.

Likely casualties? Rand, Lindsey, Gilmore, Perry, Huck, Pataki (already gone, right?), New Jersey Slim or Fats, Santorum, Jindal. Continue reading


The Killer Use Case

Big Red Car here. OK, OK — great day in the ATX, all that stuff. Sheesh!

The world needs a killer use case to really take notice of a new technology or to allow an existing technology to explode.

This is the challenge for bitcoin, as an example. No killer use case. Yet.

The killer use case for the Internet was, arguably, email. I don’t care what you do or where you go on the Internet — email is going with you. Continue reading


Let’s Cut the Crap — the Economy Sucks

Big Red Car here. Going to be a great day in the ATX, as usual. How many days until Longhorn football?

You do the math, dear reader. The Horns play Notre Dame in South Bend (Touchdown Jesus, y’all!) on 5 September. The game is on NBC and starts at 6:30 EST.

So, the economy? What is going on with the economy?

The economy is not good, y’all, but you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the folks in the White House who are spiking the ball and touting their success in growing the economy.

Let’s cut the crap about the economy and get into some facts. Continue reading