Let’s Cut The Crap on Ferguson

Big Red Car here, y’all. Beautiful Thanksgiving in the ATX and why not? We’ve got a lot to be thankful in Texas and, in particular, Austin.

Not so much in Ferguson, so today, let’s cut the crap on Ferguson and discuss a few hard truths. What say you?

The Big Red Car says: “Let’s put our worse angels on the unemployment line for a change. Let’s deal with reality and fix this thing.” Continue reading


Immigration in the Rear View Mirror

Big Red Car here. Ahh, finally the sun has returned and the rain has stopped. I am stretching in the 62F headed to 78F air temp. All is good.

On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

Now the dust has begun to settle on the President’s pronouncements on immigration. Some of the hysteria has begun to dissipate and folks can begin to ponder the reality of it all.

Like Lubbock, it looks a little different in the rear view mirror. Continue reading


Nuclear Iran

Big Red Car here on a wet and dreary Saturday afternoon considering an equally dreary subject — the impending acceptance by the United States of Iran as a nuclear armed nation in the tinderbox we call the Middle East.

Oh, my God, Big Red Car — are you kidding me? There are few things as scary as contemplating a nuclear Iran. Continue reading