Leadership & Management — One More Time!

Big Red Car here. Ahh, you know the shtick by now — On Earth as it is in Texas!

Every so often, we find ourselves being drawn into a discussion that is endless.

One such discussion is the ramifications of leadership and management for the startup and small business. It is a continuous discussion.

Note that the Big Red Car did not say leadership “versus” management because they are not in a contest with each other. Continue reading


Moving to the Sound of the Guns, What Marines Do!

Big Red Car here. Another lovely, cool morning in the ATX. Ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas!

The tragedy in Chattanooga wherein another crazy Muslim person killed some innocent victims has spawned a lively discussion as to what to do.

In case you have been living in a cave, the story ¬†goes like this: Muslim crazy person, who wants to become a martyr, gets his wish while killing five — four Marines and a sailor. Continue reading


The Real Donald Trump — Serious Candidate or Clown?

Big Red Car here. Going to be a swell day in the ATX — sunny, warm and clear. Ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

So, you may have heard there is a Presidential election some time soon. Can’t remember exactly when but it is some time soon.

There is a fellow leading the Republican polling just now — leading the polling in July of the year before an election is interesting but not really that important. Ask President Romney about that, y’all. Haha, Big Red Car funning y’all this morning. OK, sorry.

Donald Trump. The Real Donald Trump. The Comb Over. The Donald. Donald Trump. Who is this guy? Who is the Real Donald Trump? What is the evidence? Read on, dear reader. Continue reading


CEOs Delivering Criticism — Constructively

Big Red Car here. Bit muggy here in the ATX. Wild night last night with police killing two individuals and one victim apparently murdered by one of the individuals killed by the police. Say a prayer for Austin. Situation still a little murky.

So the Big Red Car is listening — eavesdropping — on one of The Boss’s bright young CEOs delivering a bit of a tongue lashing to one of his team.

And how did that go, Big Red Car?

Not well, y’all. Not well. Continue reading