Exit Interview With Year 2023

Today we have a special guest, the Year of 2023 who has agreed to sit with us and answer a few questions. It is quite an honor as he/she has just a few hours more of his/her tenure.

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The Massive Russian Misinformation/Disinformation Campaign

Russia is a little country in economic terms with a GDP that is dwarfed by Italy. It is not a technologically advanced nation with most of its manufacturing expertise having been imported.

It is not unfair to say Russia is a little gas station owned by China and India.

Given the recent avalanche of Russian misinformation, one would think they are winning the war and their economy is booming!

That is simply not the case.

Come on, Big Red Car, how about an example?

Ahhh, dear reader, you want an example? OK, let’s chat about the Russian supposed 5th generation stealth fighter, the Sukhoi Su-57.

It is supposed to be better than the best US fighter. Haha. Sorry.

Recently, the Russians announced with breathless excitement that they had DOUBLED PRODUCTION OF THE STUPENDOUS SU-57. Continue reading


Screwing The American Military Veteran Yet Again

Veterans are a useful bunch of folks. They fought our wars and kept the country safe.

Twice a year — Memorial Day (war dead) and Veterans Day (all veterans) — we trot our veterans out and honor them, but the rest of the time we disrespect and abuse them.

Marines engaged in close combat, hand-to-hand training.

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The Amazon Prime Nibble

Today I received a friendly email from my friends at Amazon Prime — currently $139/year — telling me the ad free nature of Amazon Prime Video was going to change.

There will now be “limited” ads on its movie and TV offerings, unless I want to pay — drumroll please — an additional $2.99/month = $36/year. Boom! Continue reading


America’s Military Crisis — We Will LOSE Our Next War

The United States Army is the smallest it has been since 1940, the year before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and sunk the majority of  the American fleet in an act of perfidy that launched the US and the world into a global war that killed millions and changed the course of civilization.

[Frame of reference: US 1940 population 132,000,000; currently 340,000,000.]

The American fleet was considered the most potent American military arm and the only one that could project force over the horizon into the Pacific, so the Japs plotted to take it out and did.

Weakness attracts aggression.

USS West Virginia and USS Tennessee burning after Jap attack on Battleship Row at 7:48 AM, 7 Dec 1941

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The FBI/DOJ Dual Justice Systems?

Comes now our brother Hunter Biden who upon being summoned by a legal subpoena from the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has decided to spurn their request.

Inquiring minds — wildly overthinking things in my view — want to know if Hunter discussed this with The Big Guy as this might give rise to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Brother Hunter was summoned for a private transcribed (under oath) interview by the House Oversight Committee, ably chaired by Congressman James Comer. 

Brother Hunter — in a bit of theater — arrived for his transcribed interview and grandstanded on the steps of the Capitol indicating he would gladly sit for a “public” interview, but the old boy will not stand for a private interview.

“I am here, baby. I didn’t comply with the subpoena, but I am here. Let’s try this in the court of public opinion, shall we? Stop picking on me. I’m the victim here.”

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