The Obama 3.0 Biden Foreign Policy

I am an issues/outcomes equal opportunity critic. I care not a whit about the politics of the issue or the sponsors.

This is why I liked the First Step Act (lauded by Senators Kamala Harris, Booker, Warren, and fellow travelers) and the the Canadian Softwoods Lumber Tariff.

The FSA was good policy supported by a bi-partisan gang of legislators who all took credit for it.

Comes now the first inklings of the Biden foreign policy team — Obama retreads all. For God’s sake, y’all, he gave John Kerry the international climate change portfolio.

Holy shit, Joe, you’re in charge. Wow! I’m 76 and you’re 78 and we’re the New Idea Guys. WTF?

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President-elect Joe Biden, Please Forgive My Student Loan?

One of the policy planks of the Biden campaign was the shiny penny (Bitcoin) lure of a Biden presidency forgiving student loans in their entirety or forgiving $10,000 of the outstanding student loan debt.

Since more than half of all student debt is to persons 24-34, this campaign promise was targeted on the young voter.

In other cultures, this might be called: “Buying Votes,” but not in America where we intend to “Build Back Better.”

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How Much Cheating, Fraud, Maladministration Is Allowed In An HONEST Election?

I believe on 20 January 2021, Joseph R Biden will be inaugurated as our President. That is not an assertion of support, but a prediction.

So, this blog post has NOTHING to do with the final determination of the election. Stow that election nonsense.

What it is intended to be is a sobering assessment of whether our election  was honest, was not honest, could have been honest, had no chance of being honest?

What is the question, Big Red Car?

I raise a simple series of questions:

Was the 2020 election fair and honest?

If not, why not? What evidence is there to support that assertion?

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Jon Ellis Meacham — Wolf In Political Hack’s Clothing

I am a huge fan of the writing of Jon Meacham (2009 Pulitzer Prize for biography of President Andrew Jackson).

I have read all of his books.

You will recognize Jon as a man who has taken a high profile on politics of late —  he endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Meacham has been a frequent guest on various news and talk shows such as Charlie Rose, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, Need to Know on PBS (co-host), CBS This Morning, Face the Nation, Morning Joe, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, all the Sunday morning political shows, and the 11th Hour with Brian Williams.

On the night Joe Biden accepted the nomination of the Democrat Party, Jon Meacham appeared on the special coverage with Brian Williams and was asked to critique Biden’s speech which he gave a laudatory review.

Jon Meacham — what does he do?

Asked his profession, he would answer: journalist, editor, writer whilst others would add historian and educator.

What is missing is SPEECH WRITER.

Which brings me to the nub of my thought for today — the profession of journalism and the Democrat party are engaged in a sham pretending that  journalism today is that Constitutionally protected “free press” when, in fact, they are lap dogs and an essential, not-so-underground cell of the Democrat Party.

Got any evidence, Big Red Car?

Herein lies my bill of particulars:

 1. Jon Meacham has written extensively about the institution of the American presidency and its occupants including the following books:

Franklin and Winston an Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship (2003)

American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House (2008)

Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power (2012)

Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush (2015)

Impeachment: An American History (2018) – written with others (2018)

 2. Jon Meachan wrote the speech Joe Biden gave at the Democrat National Convention. He did not acknowledge that fact.

 3. When asked by Brian Williams what he thought of the Biden speech (written by Jon Meacham), Jon (the political hack) spoke of it in glowing and commendable terms never once mentioning he had written the speech.

 4. Jon Meacham, political commentator, praised the handiwork of Jon Meacham, the speechwriter, without acknowledging that he, Jon Meacham, had written the speech.

This is why I say that the “profession” of journalism should just acknowledge what the facts tell us — journalism as practiced in America today is just an adjunct of the Dem party, is bound by the organizing glue of bias, and is not a free press.

Journalists are employees of the Dem Party. Tel me how I have it wrong.

Jon Meacham wrote a speech for the Dem candidate for President. He was a speechwriter. That same Jon Meacham critiqued his own speech when delivered by his employer, Joe Biden. He was a political hack.

Why keep pretending it isn’t exactly what it seems to be?



The Vaccines Are Coming At Warp Speed

We have been greeted with good news of late — two vaccines, both built on an mRNA model, meaning an engineered solution rather than a dead vaccine model — will apply shortly for an Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Agency based on the successful completion of Phase 3, large scale (44,000 persons) trials and the attendant data with both showing an efficacy rate of 95%.

Efficacy rates, Big Red Car?

To put that 95% number into perspective, know that the common flu vaccine has an efficacy rate of 40-60% — meaning it shelters 40-60% of Americans who receive the shot from the flu.

So, the 95% efficacy rate for the engineered model is quite extraordinary.

American health officials required a 50% efficacy rate, had hoped for 60-70%, and are deliriously happy at 95%.

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Interviewing Venture Capitalists

The other day I had a conversation with a CEO who was strapping on his kneepads and polishing up his tin cup to hit the fundraising circuit.

He is not a complete novitiate, but neither could he write the book on the subject. He was a good student, smarter than a Shih Tzu — which is pretty damn smart.

I made bold to say to him, “Remember you are interviewing the venture capitalist just as much as they are assessing you.”

The most important element of fundraising is to ensure you enter into a transaction with a “good” venture capitalist which requires you to interview them.

Here is Dante’s view of the venture capital world.

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Exclusive Interview With Joe Biden On Healing

Minding my own business and I get a phone call.

“This the Big Red Car?” the voice asks. Sort of gravelly like he was speaking through a mask or had just gotten up from a nap.

“Yes, sir. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?” I ask.

“This is Joe, a scrappy kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Joe Biden, President-elect of the United States of America. Want to talk to you, Big Red Car. Give you the benefit of my views on healing. You listening?”

“Well, sir, I am all ears. What shall we talk about?” I was admittedly a little anxious not knowing why he would have called me.

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