Slave Labor — Do You Care?

An ad comes on on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other digital feed and the product is attractive. You want to buy it, but you recently read an article that said the following:

 1. The company — talking to you Shein and others — is accused of using Uyghur “uncompensated labor.”

 2. The company is accused of paying workers $20 for an 18 hour day.

 3. The company is savaging the environment whilst making the product.

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Memorial Day — Have We Earned It?

Memorial Day is the sacred day in American history when we reflect upon and honor our war dead. It is a day dedicated to those who gave their lives for our country and for us.

If you are near a Federal cemetery, it is a moving experience to visit it and read the names on the white marble crosses and headstones and know they are men whose lives were given to us so that our lives might be lived in freedom. Continue reading


Kitchen Pantry Violence, Racism, Sexism, and Pornography — End It Now!

Just when you thought you had a handle on the world, it comes to light that a clean, orderly kitchen pantry is in fact evidence of violence, racism, sexism, and tantamount to pornography.

White supremacist pantry dripping in violence, racism, sexism, and porn with a little too much Aunt Jemima pancake mix. Shame on you.

Shame on all you “nice” clean people. Continue reading


Election Season v Election Day

With the (unfortunate or fortunate, your pick) results of the mid-terms still smoldering, it is worthy of some discussion as to how the Dem and Reps view the actual process of casting a ballot.

It is easy to say:

 1. The Dems take an “all of the above” approach to voting; whilst,

 2. The Reps focus – to their detriment – on casting ballots on Election Day Continue reading


Trump Sell By Date Arrives

Donald J Trump expected to announce his 2024 candidacy for President next week in the warm glow of a transformative Republican red wave election.

That will not happen — he may decide to run for President, but there is no Republican red wave election glow.

In fact, there are a great many people who are blaming Trump for the election’s outcome. Continue reading


Housing – The Canary In The Coal Mine

The other day I used the above phrase — the canary in the coal mine — and a person said, “What does that mean?”

Canary in a cage with an oxygen bottle resuscitator. Real life thing.

Miners carried canaries in special cages into the depths of underground coal mines because the canary was more sensitive than humans to deadly gases like carbon monoxide.

If the canary died, then the miners hauled ass and, hopefully, revived the canary. Continue reading