The Big Red Car Returns

The lasts five weeks have been a difficult time in the life of your Big Red Car. We had the Frozen Week wherein the temps went to 8F at night compounded by a loss of electricity and water. It was hard. I toughed it out and found out I am not really as tough as I once was.

Texas is not built for this kind of northern nonsense. It also snowed and we do not have snow plows.

On the heels of that I contracted some viral malady — the docs ruled out COVID (had it in July 2020), Flu A/B, Nile Fever, Ebola, and other maladies. Symptoms were consistent with COVID, but I already had that and I had the antibodies to prove it. Never figured it out.

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Mister Potato Head In Peril

Imagine you live in the greatest nation in the world, a nation whose leaders and deep thinkers are concerned about the gender identity of a plastic toy, Mister Potato Head.

Yes, after seventy years, Mister Potato Head has been dragged into the future stripped of his gender allowing his owner to assign the appropriate gender. This is exactly why we are a great nation. We care about the gender implications of plastic potato heads.

Like most things these days, it is not quite that easy.

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Confucius Speaks With Forked Tongue

Beloved readers, China is spying on us whenever and wherever they can. Even President Biden has recently been heard to say, “China is going to eat our lunch!” This was after his recent chat with President Forever Xi of China.

Comes now the Confucius Institutes — Chinese government funded propaganda operations at American colleges and universities — which once totaled as many as 100 but are now down to 75 as college presidents recognize the danger these Chinese government entities represent.

“Haha, you can trust me. I’m Country Joe Confucius. Howdy!”

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Manchin In The Middle

Comes now our 50-50 US Senate with all ties decided by the President of the Senate, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Structurally, the Senate is the “saucer” intended to cool the heat of the House’s passions.

This goes back to an anecdote in which George Washington was having coffee with a newly returned from France Thomas Jefferson.

TJ did not like the idea of a second chamber for legislation. As they enjoyed their coffee, George Washington asked Jefferson why he had poured his steaming hot coffee into his saucer to which TJ replied, “To cool it.” [Did you realize that is how saucers were used?]

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Musings on the Happenstance of my 70th Birthday

Today, at 5:53 AM, I marked the 70th anniversary of my arrival on this planet on Ash Wednesday 1951 in a snowstorm.

I was delivered by an Army psychiatrist making me the youngest person in US history to have been under the professional care of a shrink. Trust me, it has made a huge difference.

Yes, I was an Ash Wednesday baby and if you are Irish you know what that portends. I am a Brennan. Ridiculously, absurdly, insanely lucky.

Last night, I rested calmly in my cozy bed and reflected upon what, if anything, I learned in my first 70 years on our wildly spinning and rotating planet in the vastness of the universe. Though I am but a 1/1,000,000th speck of sand in that universe, I shall share some of those things with you.

Here are 50 musings. I could have gone further, but who wants to read all that nonsense? Not me.

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