Amazon Goose Meets Liberal Gander — Union Style

Amazon has a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama that employs 6,000 workers. The workers have petitioned for a vote to establish a union (a unit of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union), something that Amazon does not want to happen.

Amazon last had a union vote in 2014 in which there were some alleged “irregularities.”

Due to the presence of the COVID19 pandemic, the workers are being allowed by the National Labor Relations Board to use “mail in” voting.

You will recall we had a recent election, a Presidential election if my memory serves me well, in which the same justification was used to allow a massive “mail in” vote.

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Stopping To Find The Joy In The Storm

I recently had a Chairwoman of the Board client, one of my favorite clients (equally brilliant husband is a former client), cancel a meeting. She is a delight to work with so I miss it when she cancels.

Her reason was that it had snowed in Madrid and she had small children who needed to build a snowman as it did not ever snow in Madrid.

Actual Madrid snowman

[It ended up snowing more than three feet in Madrid, so if she hadn’t chosen that early moment to build a snowman, it would not have happened. As in life, timing is everything.]

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Words Do NOT Matter

Bit of clickbait in that title, but allow me to translate. Of late, we are struggling with words to describe disturbances in both the Force and in the public square. To take the suspense out of it — I condemn both of them.

Allow me to compare two different happenstances:

 1. The “peaceful protests” of BLM/Antifa on the West Coast and Upper Midwest this summer after the George Floyd trigger; and,

BLM/Antifa peaceful protest, rally in Minneapolis in 2020. NOT A RIOT. Do not get too close to those peaceful flames.

 2. The post-election “not so peaceful protests” at the Capitol last week.

They are decidedly different, no?

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The Martyrdom of Donald J Trump

The United States survived a sacking of its Capitol for only the second time in its history, the last being 24 August 1814 orchestrated by Irish-born, British Major General Robert Ross who put a torch to the buildings of the US government and its military including the Capitol, the Presidential Mansion (we would call it the White House today), and a great number of other buildings.

His role in that victory was highly celebrated though he himself would be killed by American sharpshooters in the Battle of Baltimore. Karma is a bitch and should be.

The Burning of Washington painted by Paul de Thoyras

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Things I Don’t Care About

I saw something over on that Facebooger place some time ago and it motivated me to consider what things I don’t care about. Here they are — well, just ten:

 1. The opinions of actors and celebrities — I don’t care WTF you think about anything. Sorry. Most of y’all have deficient high school educations. Why would I care? Sorry. I don’t care.

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Words I Do Not Love From 2020

I am trying not to use the word “hate” in my writings, thus I am focused on words “I do not love” from 2020.

I am very critical of the entire year of 2020 and honestly expect it to be recalled with all of us receiving a Mulligan. Go ask a golfer what a Mulligan is.

So, with only two more days in this bastard, vagabond, vermin ridden, flotsam, jetsam, detritus, vomitus, infected bed bug bite of a year, here are some works I do not love:

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Merry Christmas, George Washington

Tomorrow is Christmas. I hope you have a merry one, but for those who do not, I offer you a ray of hope.

We are a nation born from a pivotal battle fought on Christmas — the Battle of Trenton (25-26 December 1776).

I believe the Battle of Trenton (there were actually two) was the pivotal battle of the American Revolution.

If our attack had been repulsed, we would not exist.

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Exclusive Interview Nancy Pelosi II

We were minding our own business when a call came in: “Standby, Big Red Car, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the one and only Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi, would like a word with you. Let me warn you, she’s drunk with victory.”

In the background, I could hear the woman who called me saying, “Your Highness, I have that annoying Big Red Car for you.”

“Hello, Madame Speaker, what an unexpected pleasure,” I said.

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