The Tee Ball, Special Olympics Presidential “Debate”

On Thursday, 27 June, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, the country will be treated to a faux “debate” between two old white guys vying for the job as President of the United States (neither of whom have been formally nominated by their parties yet).

Let me tell you what this “debate” will NOT be: a rigorous discussion of the comparative policies and track records of two men, both of whom have held the job.

It will not be a comparision or display crtical thinking on immigration, the open Southern border, taxation, the deficit, crime, law enforcement, race, foreign policy, terrorism, domestic policy, climate change, election security, poverty, education, the military, the economy, government spending,  Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, China, global trade, the environment, electric vehicles, or crypto. Continue reading


The Texas Stock Exchange

The creation of a new “CEO friendly” and “un-woke” stock exchange to challenge the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ has been festering for some time, but TXSE Group recently announced publicly its plans to apply to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for permission to operate a stock exchange in Dallas with a launch date in 2026.

The United States formerly had a number of regional stock exchanges, but since 2000 most of those regional exchanges have been bought up or merged with the NYSE or NASDAQ. The Texas Stock Exchange (founding CEO James Lee, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2001, President Houston Symphony Endowment, financial advisory guy, a financial player, nobody’s huckleberry) would be a new entrant in what had been a collapsing industry. Continue reading


Donald J Trump – Prison Time?

Having blown the call on the verdict, I now bring coals to Newcastle and ask, “Does the Judge give Trump prison time?”

Chastened as I am about the shortage of common sense in New York, I am inclined to believe the judge plays out the entire Get Trump string and gives him a stint in Rikers.

[To be sentenced to Risker Island — one of the shittiest prisons on the planet — a felon has to receive a minimum sentence of one year.] Continue reading