Let’s Cut the Crap About — Tax Returns and Teddy the Cruz

Big Red Car here in the ATX. The Boss is back from Mexico and he is sunburned to a crisp. [Boss, sunscreen even for you.]

So, the Big Red Car was watching the Sunday morning talk shows in anticipation of Super Tuesday.

There was a lot of chatter about tax returns. Tax returns and Mafia connections. The Big Red Car wants to mansplain it to y’all. Continue reading


Political Campaigns as Art — Feeling the Bern, Talk Bernie to Me, Baby!

Big Red Car here enjoying the final throes of the South Carolina campaign.

It is a time of high drama, emotion, and ………………………………..POLITICAL ART.

Art encapsulates all that drama and emotion and delivers it to our senses as visual and audio art. There is the combination of this as a damn good video.

Are you feeling it, America? Cause the Big Red Car is, baby. Oh yeah!

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CEOs at the Nexus — For CEOs Only — Throwing Off the Winter Blues

Big Red Car here on a day when he could not come up with a good Google Adwords title for the post. Sorry.

But, hey, not to worry, going to be 85F today in the ATX. Ahhh, a Texas winter!

So, I’m eavesdropping on The Boss and a couple of his CEOs chattering about this and that and the subject comes to — “How does a CEO grab the company and shake them up a little when things are going fine? No crisis but needing a little shaking up? Throw off the winter blues?”

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NASCAR = Politics?

Big Red Car here in the aftermath of the Republican debate in Greenville, SC last night with some observations.

First, it was a Saturday night, the prelude to Valentine’s Day and one could feel the love in the air. I am betting that Donald Trump and his Melania are probably enjoying a nice brunch down in Charleston with Jeb and his bride right now. Think so?

The country needs to understand something and that something is called NASCAR and how it relates to politics.

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Bernie v Hillary = When Ancient Battled Vintage?

Big Red Car here in the gray hours before the dawn contemplating the spectacle that was the Democrat debate in Milwaukee last night.

The next primary is in South Carolina, so let’s have a debate in…………………………………………..Milwaukee. How about Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach? Huh?

The Big Red Car finds it odd that the progressive banner is being fought over by an ancient 74-year old white man and a vintage 69-year old white woman.

Talk about “old wine in new bottle”, eh?

But, there was some interesting observations made which bear acknowledging and commentary.

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Donald Trump the Junk Food of Political Discourse?

Big Red Car here and thinking about Donald Trump.

Famously, the man has been supposed to have crashed and burned at least a hundred times since the adventure that is the Trump Presidential candidacy launched.

“This is the end of Trump!” Yes, yes, yes,yes, uhhh, no.

The GOPe, and any number of political operatives including fellas named Rove, have been taking a hit out on the guy for months, quarter years, half years. No bueno!

Then, the actual primaries were to have unmasked this charlatan. Not so much, as it turns out.

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Musings On Turning 65

Big Red Car here walking on egg shells because today The Boss is turning 65 and I’m not sure how the old boy is going to take it. [Probably a micro-aggression calling him the “old boy,” Big Red Car, you dumbass.]

So The Boss has made it to 65 and with his end of the gene pool is likely only at the halfway point of his life. Haha. [Big Red Car trying to make up for the “old boy” comment, no? You suck up, Big Red Car. Shameless.]

How did this happen and what does it mean?

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