Joe Biden @ 86? Really?

President Joe Biden announced last week his run for re-election in 2024. It did not entail a personal appearance, a public event, any presentation on his part, or any questions and answers. It was a bloody video.


Joe and Jill Biden in the Pleistocene Age when it all began. Jill was in middle school.

Today, Joe Biden is 80 and none too sharp.

On Election Day, Joe Biden will be 82 and none too sharp.

Joe Biden is seeking a job at which he will be 86 when he finishes and, dear God, none too sharp. Continue reading


CEO Shoptalk: Deferred Compensation


With that caveat, I want to urge you to investigate how deferred compensation might be a useful tool around the C Suite as part of a well-designed compensation program offering: compensation, benefits, short term incentive compensation, long term incentive compensation, and “something special.”

Deferred compensation fits into the “something special” category.

Let’s start with the basic understanding that you are a startup founder/CEO — in part, at least — for the money. Deferred compensation is a way to manage your compensation to your personal advantage within the rules as they are written.

There are two types of deferred compensation:

 1. Qualified deferred compensation programs such as the 401(k); and,

 2. Non-qualified deferred compensation programs which are one-off, bespoke arrangements negotiated between the founder/CEO/C Suite denizen and the company. Continue reading


In The Company Of Good Men — VMI Class of 1973, 50th Reunion

The test of every relationship is this:

Does it inject energy into your existence; or, does it hijack, kidnap energy from your life?

This is true of personal friendships, marriages, business alliances, employees, mutually owned vacation homes, hunting leases, co-oped airplanes, and all situations in which we flawed humans engage with others of the species.

It took me some time to discover and understand this, but it has served me well for many years. I consider it revealed wisdom.

Which brings me to the subject of wisdom itself. I have said this before:

Wisdom is the exercise of good judgment over a protracted period of time. It must be earned.

Good judgment is the product of experience. It must be done.

Experience entails the exercise of much bad judgment. It must be endured.

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