The Employment Agreement

Big Red Car here on another rainy ATX day. Whoever has been praying for rain, enough.

So, I get several emails from lazy folks who say, “Ahh, Big Red Car, yesterday you talked about Voting Trusts and referred to Employment Agreements. Can you give me some info on Employment Agreements?”

They didn’t bother to use the search function or they would have found it on the website. Over on the right side is the SEARCH function. If you had used it, you would have found a lot of information.

Also, if you had looked at the “Series by Subject” tab at the top, you would have found the whole list.

Not to fret, your Big Red Car organizes the info for you yet again.

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The C Level Employment Agreement — Change of Control Provision

Big Red Car here.  Nice weather in the ATX and that house sitter has been running the snot out of my here for the last couple of days.  Oh, a Big Red Car, loves to have the snot run out of it.  Eeehaw!

So we need to chat a bit about the implications of change of control in a startup or small company.  Delicate subject to be sure.

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The C Level Employment Agreement — Severance Package

Big Red Car here.  The weather in the ATX could not possibly be or get better.  It is 70F this morning and the sky is clear.  CAVU — ceiling and visibility unlimited.

On Earth as it is in Texas.  [Well, it’s likely going to be inching close to 95F today, so let’s pick our poison carefully.  Haha, Big Red Car, you are a card.]

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The C Level Employment Agreement — Termination

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is traveling and I am left with the house sitter.  Well, the house sitter has been driving the Hell out of the Big Red Car — don’t tell The Boss because he is very particular as to who gets to drive me, the Big Red Car.  Haha, joke is on you, Boss.

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“C” Level Employment Agreement — Position

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a beautiful day here in the ATX.  The Boss was out of here early and had coffee with a pal.  I got to take a quick ride over to the coffee shop and had a nice chat with a very attractive little Mercedes convertible.  What a doll.  Hehe, behave yourself, Big Red Car.

So, The Boss was thinking about the C level Employment Agreement again and was going to start peeling it back for y’all.

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