Dueling — the Revival of an Iconic American Method of Dispute Resolution

Big Red Car here in the ATX on a glorious day which should crack 80F, ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

So, the Big Red Car is freestyling today with a serious thought — it’s time to revive dueling as a means of alternative dispute resolution.

There it is. Look at it. Touch it. Smell it. Taste it. Do it.

The Big Red Car is tired of everyone yelling at each other.

Ted Cruz objects to Donald Trump talking smack about his Heidi?

Ted hitches up his pants (little pants cause he’s kind of short) and challenges big, tall Donald Trump to a duel. There it is! Continue reading


Hating the Waiting

Big Red Car here in the gently moist wonder that is the ATX. On Earth as it is in Texas.

This is an odd year because of the impending Presidential election made all the weirder by the odd bunch of candidates that have been assembled and weeded through. One must say that the Republicans get high marks for the size of their field and the high energy (except, apparently, for Jeb Bush) of its robust, rodeo like selection process. “Rodeo like” meaning that not too many have been able to sit that bull and get the eight second whistle.

The future of the US, in this interesting time, is in the hands of a 94-year old white socialist, a 70-year old white liar, a 69-year old white bombastic businessman, and another woefully unprepared low mileage white Senator whose real name is Rafael. He looks like a Rafael, doesn’t he?

I think of them as Dopey, Sleazy, Braggy, and Creepy.

Of course, I am poorly educated, ill-informed, and a sinner. That’s me. Continue reading


Taking Care of Business — The Tarheels Teaching

Big Red Car here on a bright, sunny day which celebrates the Carolina Tarheels path to the championship in the NCAA Basketball Tournament — known as March Madness to y’all. [Is this a great time to be alive, or what?]

If God is not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina Blue?

Hook ’em, Heels!

So, there is much to be learned about the world of business by watching the NCAA Tournament.

The Heels, with an unbelievable tradition of success, are a team which is stuffed with talent, well coached, exquisitely game planned, and capable of almost flawless execution. There are other teams just like them but there are not that many.

So, Big Red Car, what can we learn from the Tarheels that is applicable to business?

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Solar Energy Prescription — Aloe Vera

It is cloudy in the ATX and the Big Red Car does not like it.

Some years ago, before oil went to where it is, there was much pocket protector discussion about the efficacy of solar power — freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee energy, whee!

Lots of money got diverted from the real world to big projects. One of the biggest was in California.

It was a massive project in the Mojave Desert by Ivanpah (the company who built it) which was funded by a $1,600,000,000, that’s $1.6 BILLION dollars, loan guaranty from the Obama administration. Look at this baby, wow!

Small point — that’s YOUR money and YOUR government picking winners in the free market. Some find fault with such a thing.

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Revolutions Are Not Bloodless

Big Red Car in the midst of SXSW — the cool folk just call it “South By”, y’all. Face it, you’re cool.

Now this ATX brilliantly warm weather — 68F right now and headed to 85F, yes, that’s cool.

So, there is a revolution going out there — the “people” are finally taking the “establishment” to task.

It is, of course, Donald Trump’s fault which the media and the punditry and the “establishment” have all trumpeted thereby giving Donald Trump even more media coverage.

[Just for the record, I think that even President Obama has agreed that everything is now Donald Trump’s fault thereby releasing George W Bush from solitary confinement during which everything was “Bush’s Fault!”]

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The Value of Failure

Big Red Car here waiting for The Boss who is arriving back today from skiing. The wild running late with the housesitter good life is ………………………….. over.

So, I was talking with a couple of CEO cars and we got on the subject of the value of failure in long term success. One of them recited the famous Rudyard Kipling poem IF and was singing its praises as a frame of reference for entrepreneurs and, of all things, politicians. She, hot little 1984 Mercedes convertible with great headlights, said this is the money passage:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;

    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same;


Barack Obama (professor, speechifyer) ===== Ted Cruz (preacher, debater)

Big Red Car here in the rainy ATX waiting on the 85F – 90F come Sunday and Monday.

So, the Big Red Car has an odd admission to make — the Big Red Car has always liked listening to Barack Obama’s speeches. Yes, dear reader, even when they’re bat shit crazy, the Big Red Car has loved the craft of the BHO’s speechifying.

Weaned the Big Red Car is on the content which is totally meaningless.

The Big Red Car also used to like the debate style speeches of Ted Cruz but, alas, that is over.

Now, both President Barack Obama and Senator Ted Cruz are tedious and painful to listen to but, ahhhh, once upon a time.

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Free Range Trump — On Earned Media

Big Red Car here, getting tired of all things election but wanting to note one very interesting thing that happened last night.

Sure, Trump won Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii — not that, y’all. That’s not the big story.

The freakin’ big cable news outlets allowed Donald Trump to go “Free Range Trump” on a 45-minute infomercial on Trump the Candidate, Trump Meat (not quite the same thing as Trump the Candidate but close), Trump Water, Trump Wild Wings, Trump Toothpaste, Trump Condoms (XXXXL available), and Trump Wines.

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