Words Do NOT Matter

Bit of clickbait in that title, but allow me to translate. Of late, we are struggling with words to describe disturbances in both the Force and in the public square. To take the suspense out of it — I condemn both of them.

Allow me to compare two different happenstances:

 1. The “peaceful protests” of BLM/Antifa on the West Coast and Upper Midwest this summer after the George Floyd trigger; and,

BLM/Antifa peaceful protest, rally in Minneapolis in 2020. NOT A RIOT. Do not get too close to those peaceful flames.

 2. The post-election “not so peaceful protests” at the Capitol last week.

They are decidedly different, no?

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The White Underbelly Of Work From Home — WFH

As we begin to contemplate a post-Pandemic world the air is awash with musings as to how WFH is going to become the new normal (God, I hate that phrase). There is no doubt that we have all discovered some interesting things about how we can or cannot work from home.

Please know that in comparison to the rest of the world, the American worker works longer hours than any competitor country. Whenever I recite that figure, I wonder how we are including the Chinese.

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Drive By Impeachment

Today, the 44th day of December 2020, the House of Representatives, led by the 80-year-0ld, newly re-elected, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is conducting a drive by impeachment of the POTUS Donald J Trump.

“We couldn’t get COVID relief done in 8 months (wink, wink), but we can get impeachment done in a week, right?”

We are seven days from the inauguration of Joe Biden as POTUS whereafter the healing and the uniting will begin in earnest.

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Blizzard of 2021 Austin By God Texas

We had a blizzard this week. It was gigantic and it was threatening. We were snowed in.

We had massive drifts of snow triggering harsh reactions.

Today, it is 60F +/- and winter is over for the year.

But, it was Hell on wheels whilst it lasted.

But, hey, what Hell do I really snow anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car — brrrrrr!



The Martyrdom of Donald J Trump

The United States survived a sacking of its Capitol for only the second time in its history, the last being 24 August 1814 orchestrated by Irish-born, British Major General Robert Ross who put a torch to the buildings of the US government and its military including the Capitol, the Presidential Mansion (we would call it the White House today), and a great number of other buildings.

His role in that victory was highly celebrated though he himself would be killed by American sharpshooters in the Battle of Baltimore. Karma is a bitch and should be.

The Burning of Washington painted by Paul de Thoyras

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Things I Don’t Care About

I saw something over on that Facebooger place some time ago and it motivated me to consider what things I don’t care about. Here they are — well, just ten:

 1. The opinions of actors and celebrities — I don’t care WTF you think about anything. Sorry. Most of y’all have deficient high school educations. Why would I care? Sorry. I don’t care.

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The $10MM Gross Revenue Reality Check

If you are a startup, I hope one day soon you get to $10,000,000 in gross revenue. If you do, I have some thoughts for you.

A caveat first — there are a great number of exceptions to what I am going to share with you, so do not fall prey to missing the difference of your situation or embracing every word I say, but there are reasons big and small as to why I hold these views.

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