Senator Bernie Sanders and The Grift

Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-admitted socialist. He is also a grifter.

His wife, the esteemed Dr. Jane O’Meara Sanders, and her son, David Driscoll, founded the Sanders Institute to save American democracy.

Some say it was formed to employ David Driscoll and to promote the interests of Bernie Sanders, but who really knows? Cough, cough.

So, where’s the grift, Big Red Car?

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Cut The Crap: It’s IRAN!

The world is at the precipice of World War III with the Israeli response to Hamas — Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement) — and their brutal, medieval, war criminal, unprovoked assault upon Israeli babies, children, women, the elderly, and the Israeli Defense Force.

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Returns Driving Retail?

In the afterglow of the Pandemic wherein the whole world was on line buying “stuff” the issue of returns has become a gigantic consideration.

Look at the number of parcels handled worldwide during the time period 2013 – 2026 (estimated). It is truly gigantic. Click on the graph to see it at a usable scale.

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