Economic Fortress Putin — The Other Front

Putin has been planning on invading Ukraine and rekindling the glorious Russian Empire of old for more than 20 years. All one had to do was to listen to his speeches.

This guy right here, this beady eyed thug.

When Putin seized Crimea (Sudetenland analogies, please), he began to build massive currency reserves to weather what he knew was coming — economic sanctions. Right now, he is sitting on more than $600,000,000,000 in reserves which would normally be enough for two years of survival. Continue reading


Sanctions? You Want Some Bloody Sanctions?

Whilst Putin and his Russian army destroys Ukraine militarily — they will never scratch the essence of the indomitable patriotic spirit of Ukraine — the United States, NATO, and the European Union, with some other allies such as Australia, South Korea, and Japan, are authoring sanctions. Putin will not be dismayed or swayed by sanctions — particularly these sanctions.

Putin has stockpiled $700,000,000,000 in convertible currency reserves with which to weather the storm that Putin anticipates his timid opponents will fashion. He has done this with energy exports. This was premeditated and betrays the stark calculated plan to invade Ukraine.

He was always going to invade. It was baked in from Day One. This is what happens when America is poorly led.

It is time for some real sanctions, folks.

Observation: Look at Putin’s weasel face. It is thin in this picture. Look at him now. His face is fat and old. This pic is from less than two years ago. Something is going on with the shithead.

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Why Does Putin Lust After Ukraine?

Chap asks me, “Why do you think Putin lusts after Ukraine?”

So, I do some research and here is what I come up with.

Ukrainian land mass and location

Ukraine is an enormous land mass and its addition to the Russian Putin Empire would be an gigantic coup in terms of land mass and pushing the Russian boundary westward thereby foiling the eastward march of NATO and exposing American weakness.

The country possesses huge mineral and energy reserves, agricultural, and industrial power.

Ukraine overlaid on Europe

Ukrainian mineral wealth

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Apropos Of Nothing — Idle Musings

There are some days when your mind wanders and you develop no large theme about which to write, but a number of small things accumulate in the recesses of one’s mind.

Here are a few that have solidified in the Big Red Car’s mind:

Putin is a pissant

Putin, a thug overseeing a middling economy on par with Italy’s, is a small man who has a thin, poorly worn veneer of civility holding back an Amazonish flow of despotic behavior. He is a bloody murderer.

Putin in his Siberian Pimp outfit with furry cuffs and hood.

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Things I Don’t Care About III

As a sensitive caring Big Red Car, sometimes I find myself caring too much, but here are seven more things I don’t care about:

 1. The Genocide Olympics — I didn’t know when they started. Don’t care when they end. I don’t care about any sport — OK, if I did care about a “sport” it would be curling.

How can anybody take the Olympics seriously when — curling?

If you don’t see the connection between the Hitler 1936 Olympics and the Genocide Games, then that is on you. I don’t care. I just don’t.

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Sic Semper Tyrannis — Putin, Russian Imperialism, and the Threatened, Impending Rape of Ukraine

It is the year 2022 and the world is faced with the prospect of a powerful nuclear armed country, Russia, invading its sovereign smaller neighbor, Ukraine, based solely on the complaint that its neighbor does not seek any current or future affiliation with the Communist nation of Russia.

The instigator, the rapist, is the Thug Putin who advances the quaint notion that his desire to be surrounded by friendly nations is sufficient justification for him to rape Ukraine — to unleash a modern army equipped with missiles, cyber weapons, air power, naval power, a massive armored army, infantry, tanks, artillery on a peaceful nation that seeks only to live in peace while sharing a border with Russia.

The world has responded to this with the seriousness of a bad Tinder first date story.

The Evil Intent of Tyrants

The seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia depicts the Roman goddess Virtue prevailing with sword and staff over the defeated tyrant with his chain, whip, and fallen crown. The vanquished tyrant is the British King after the American Revolution.

Sic Semper Tyrannis means “thus always to tyrants.” Continue reading


Penzys Spices and Stupid Spice

If you are old enough to recall the British girl group The Spice Girls then you will recall:

Melanie Brown – Mel – Scary Spice

Melanie Chisholm – Melanie C — Sporty Spice

Emma Bunton – Baby Spice

Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice

Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice

Their mantra was “girl power” and they sold more than 100,000,000 records resulting in more than $800,000,000 in gross revenue including endorsement deals and merchandise. Continue reading


Governors and Jobs — The Big Tell

Lousy jobs report coming out on Friday showing the United States lost more than 300,000 jobs in January 2022. Hello, America! Not good.

The White House is working overtime trying to come up with some explanation as to why the “fastest economic growth in nearly four decades” misses the mark by more than 500,000 jobs in a single month [expected 200,000+ new jobs and will show a loss of 300,000+ jobs resulting in a 500,000 + jobs miss, ouch!]. This is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge miss.

In a storm of record inflation the Biden jobs record — primarily a dead cat bounce by all indications — was the only actual bright spot on the big picture.

A dead cat bounce has nothing to do with Catwoman, who is very much alive and contemplating a remake of her iconic movie. It is a technical term of financial art meaning that even a cat dropped from a great height bounces upward when it hits rock bottom. [It is presumed the cat dies from the fall.]

But, that is not the story I want to tell you today. Continue reading