The Power of Video — Get Some

Big Red Car here.  Well, Old Sport, is it going to be 82F and sunny today here in the ATX.  On Earth as it is in Texas.

So The Boss is working with several CEOs and they have been discussing the use of video in their businesses.  An interesting discussion indeed.  Let’s listen in, ya’ll.

Video as a learning style

Before we launch into all the great things about video, let’s remember that much of what happens on the web falls under the category of learning.  An eCommerce retail platform which is hawking anything ultimately has to EDUCATE you about the good things themselves.  But, hey, you knew this already.  Right, Sport?

Video embraces the learning style of those who process information verbally and visually.  It is a pragmatic tactical decision on the part of a website to embrace multiple learning styles.

Here is a damn good summary of learning styles for your reference.  Take a second to skim it.  Learning Styles

Video impact

Video can impact at least three important considerations.  These may be characterized as “marketing” impacts but can serve other purposes as well.

1.  Video can make a deeper and more meaningful communication mechanism as it responds to multiple learning styles with energy and excitement.  It tells any story better.   Your customers are not just buying your product or service, they are buying your story.

2.  Video can provide customer driven and sponsored testimonial evidence.  This is customer driven content, the most valuable type of content.

3.  Video can influence reputation and reputation management in conjunction with social media.  It is so easy to link social media to your video.

There are other impacts but these represent the low hanging fruit and something that you are concerned about today.


The quality of your video is a very important consideration.  I often use the Good Life Project as my exemplar for how crisp and clean video can be.  Video is their business and they have got the process ratcheted down tight.  Look at just a snippet of the following video to develop an appreciation for the production quality.  Look at it in full screen mode to get a more complete appreciation for the video production values.

This particular video about how a Navy officer, David Marquet, turned the worst fast attack submarine in the Navy into its best is a tour de force in leadership and worthy of a listen if you are a leader.

The GLP shoots its video using a couple of Canon 5D MKII cameras with lavaliere microphones and a bit of lighting.  This is a fairly well known and used video rig.  Your video guy will recognize it.  It is certainly not the only way to achieve those results but it absolutely does work.

While it is easy to fall in love with the “perfection” of the GLP project, it is not always necessary to chase such a high level of perfection.  Testimonials are particularly effective when their “perfection” is their “imperfection”.  The more authentic and genuine they appear to be, the more effective they can be.  Still, shoot the best video ou can under the circumstances.


Basic communication is well understood.  It can be product driven.  I love watching the videos from some eCommerce companies and think that a company like Revzilla in Philadelphia does it just about perfect.

Anthony Bucci, a co-founder, is the Martha Stewart of the motorcycle apparel and accessory business.  His videos are entertaining but most importantly they are an incredible product education exercise.  They are an incredible driver of the business and the best The Boss has ever seen on the web.

[Full Disclosure:  The Boss works with Anthony Bucci and considers him, his co-founders (Matt & Nick) and his team one of the best examples of a startup which is crushing it.  To call them a startup is unfair as they are closing in on being a category killler eCommerce platform.  The Boss was up to see them in Philadelphia last month and they are as impressive in person as they are on the web.  Keep an eye on these guys.  Crushing it!]

Stating the obvious — video lends itself to wide dissemination through the use of social media.

Testimonials, reputation management

Testimonials are customer driven content and can be extremely effective in overall perception but also reputation management.

One has only to look at the LL Bean web catalog and look at flannel lined jeans to see how deep and powerful testimonials can be in driving the perceived quality of a product.  This is one dimensional in that it is only words.  But read those words and feel the passion of the LL Bean customer and those flannel lined jeans.  Video can capture more of that passion.

The Boss makes what may be an artificial distinction between product driven video and video which establishes, maintains and manages the reputation of an overall enterprise.  The manner in which Amazon handles dispute resolution and shipping is an enterprise wide consideration but may be extremely important in driving individual sales.

It is trite to point out that Best Buy is really the Amazon showroom or maybe not?

The Boss loves Amazon and Amazon Prime.  It is a great deal and an absolute driver of sales.

So, there you have it, my friends.  Use video to drive your business.  It is a basic skill that must be embraced and incorporated because the world is moving on with you or without you.

As The Boss is fond of saying — “Nobody has 20 years of experience any more, everyone has one year of experience 20 times.”  Calendar year 2014 is going to be the year of video.  Get some, ya’ll.  Get some.

But, hey, what the Hell do really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Let me be the first to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Haha, Big Red Car, you goose.