When You Want It Enough

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is in the Boat skiing, so I got the housesitter again.  Me and the housesitter, we get along quite well because that young man knows how to run wild and free just like a Big Red Car loves to do.  [Do NOT tell The Boss but we going to be touring the Christmas lights with a bit of mulled wine and some lovelies.  Anyway, that’s the plan.]

So before The Boss left for the Boat, I overheard him talking to a CEO who was struggling with motivation.  Every CEO does eventually.  CEOing is a draining business.

The Boss listened and listened and listened and finally said:  “When you want it enough, you will do what is necessary to get what you want.”

There was a pregnant silence and then the CEO and The Boss both laughed.  And there you have it — in life when we finally decide we want something bad enough, we will do what it takes to get it.  Might get a bit tired in the process, ya’ll.  But there it is.  It is really that damn simple.

Now this is not intended to be a threatening or dreary notion but a real sense of how we motivate ourselves.  If we decide we want something and want it enough, we will go get it.

Stonewall Jackson — taught at VMI where The Boss went to school — used to say:  “You may be whatever you resolve to be.”  Stonewall’s words are etched above Jackson Arch, the main entrance into the VMI barracks where the cadets live.  Every day a VMI man or woman sees those words.  Over four years it is burned into a cadet’s psyche.  It is truth.

Here’s Old Stonewall keeping guard over his arch and the Cadet Battery — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  These rascals fought in the Civil War and were returned to VMI after the hostilities and have been there ever since.  Right behind Stonewall is his arch and the inscription is on the edge of the walkway in the arch.  Tough to read it at this level of detail.  But trust me on this one.

So, beloved readers, decide what you want.  Make a list.  Take your measure.  Do you want it enough?  Go bite the ass off a bear and get it.  You can do it.  You just have to want it enough.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.