Donald J Trump – Prison Time?

Having blown the call on the verdict, I now bring coals to Newcastle and ask, “Does the Judge give Trump prison time?”

Chastened as I am about the shortage of common sense in New York, I am inclined to believe the judge plays out the entire Get Trump string and gives him a stint in Rikers.

[To be sentenced to Risker Island — one of the shittiest prisons on the planet — a felon has to receive a minimum sentence of one year.]

What’s the convential wisdom, Big Red Car?

Well, if you get over the absurdity of the case itself, then the following factors should kick in:

 1. This is a pissant victimless paper crime akin to using the wrong fork with shellfish. It did NOT disturb The Force.

The full extent of the crime is affixing the words “legal expenses” to 11 invoices from a lawyer, 11 checks to a lawyer, and 12 general ledger records pertaining to a lawyer all done by someone other than Donald Trump.

[Would Trump have been charged if he put no code on the invoices, checks, and general ledger records? Of if he’d simply affixed, “Michael Cohen,” the name of the lawyer?]

 2. There are no physical or financial damages other than the cost of the trial itself.

 3. Trump is a first time felon and has no criminal record.

 4. Trump is a low risk to go on a rampage of similar work record falsifications, no impending crime spree.

 5. The crime itself is a misdemeanor only tranformed into the lowest level of a New York felony by the contrivance of saying the falsification of business records was intended to hide some other unspecified crime.

Fine, but, Big Red Car, WTF?

In the judge’s mind must be the following:

 1. He knows he has done the bidding of the radical far left — well, the Dems, the MSM, and the Trump haters — and he may hold the power of his authority in lighter hands thereafter.

 2. Jail time will create a shit storm of gargantuan proportions — the sentencing is the week before the Republican National Convention whereat Trump will accept the nomination — and will absolutely attract the attention of the US Supreme Court.

“Awkward” does not do justice to the image of Trump accepting the nomination while in prison garb and behind bars.

Do you think that sentencing date is a coincidence or is it further proof of premeditation and political lawfare?

 3. The judge knows the verdict and the trial will be overturned upon appeal.

 4. Nobody can overstate the impact on the Presidential election. It may actually propel Trump back into the Oval Office.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car, we got garden crops to pick

OK, fine. Here it is:

I think the judge gives Trump jail time — one year — but suspends it for two years and puts him on probation for three years.

I don’t think the judge can resist the siren call of prison time, but he also cannot interfere with the election any more than he alrady has.

Trump gets jail time, but it is suspended.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

Make the bad men and the pain go away, Mommie.