Bring On The Presidential Debates

We are less than six months from Election Day (still several lifetimes from the actual election) and early voting begins in some states as early as September (Virginia as an example). I always think the election really begins the day after Labor Day.

The Biden campaign issued a letter proposing two debates with the first one as soon as next month. Here are the high points of the Biden proposal.

 1. Only two debaters — Presidents Biden and Trump and no Robert F Kennedy Jr or other third party candidates

 2. Two debates, no more, to be moderated by a media outfit such as CNN, but no Fox News, using only existing personnel, no drop ins

 3. In studio only, no audience or expressive crowds to lend earthy responses to the candidates — a debate with no audience, really?

 4. Microphones that shut off when the candidate’s allotted time expires

 5. No involvement with the Commission on Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates, founded in 1987 before which the League of Women Voters sponsored presidential debates, thought they were running the debates and scheduled debates for 16 September, 1 October, and 9 October.

The Biden campaign has a number of tactical objections to the conduct of the Commission on Presidential Debates such as the audience, the selection of moderators, the inclusion of third party candidates, and the timing.

What does this all mean, Big Red Car?

Well, dear reader, I think it means the following:

 1. Joe Biden is truly trailing with increasing margins of defeat in all but one battleground state poll. He is an incumbent and should be crushing it and he isn’t. This is an attempt to get back on path.

 2. If Biden were leading or confident, there would be no debates

 3. The Biden campaign is deathly afraid of public note — hence the insistence on no audience or crowd response during the debate — during the debates.

 4. Trump has a bombastic personality — duh — and spoke over Biden during their 2020 debates, hence the microphone turning off provision. Seems a little cheesy and dilutes the red meat aspect of a public debate.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

For me, the bottom line is this:

 1. I am still skeptical that Joe Biden will be the Dem candidate — had to be said

 2. The Biden proposal is written from a point of weakness and it shows in their unwillingness to truly allow the crowd to participate, seems cowardly

 3. Biden’s internal polls must show him getting smoked — again, we are still several lifetimes from Election Day

 4. The Biden camp wants to have the first debate soon after the verdict in the Trump New York records falsification trial

If Donald Trump is acquitted or there is a hung jury in the New York records falsification case, then the election is over. The Dems have made a huge bet on this trial, this lawfare, and a defeat will be a killing blow.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

Bring on the debates!