The Power of Excellent Graphic Design

Big Red Car here.  Hey, it’s damn cold here in the ATX and we don’t like it.  Where the Hell is our global warming today, Alberto?

So The Boss is talking to his Perfect Daughter — graphic artist for a well known eCommerce company in Brooklyn — and they get on the subject of the quality of the graphic design of a couple of related websites.

PD opines that the graphic design of WarbyParker and Harrys is simply crackerjack.  The Boss has the tuition receipts and the PD has the years in school and industry to appreciate good design. — designer glasses at affordable prices — unique shaving gear

The sites are crisp, clean and pleasing to the eye.  [Hint:  So are the products.]


It goes without saying that you have to have something to sell — that is worth buying — to be in need of any kind of website.

These two businesses are positioned to bring slightly upscale — maybe quite a bit upscale — businesses that you would be tempted to dismiss as commodities.   Not so fast, Old Sport.

These appear to be clever differentiations which are based on the quality of the product design and the eCommerce space — DESIGN — they have carved out for themselves.

In the case of WB, they also have brick and mortar stores which when combined with a web presence and fulfillment process is an interesting combination.  Think  PiperLime, no?

In the case of Harrys, they literally designed their razors and bought a factory — existing factory — to make them.  Making their own razors, blades, and shaving cream.

There is a melding of Old School vertical integration, cutting edge technology marketing and great design.  The big play may be the quality of the design of both their products and their websites.

This is a legitimate business strategy whether your industry is glasses, razors or burgers — the better, more modern, tech savvy mousetrap.

It’s the DESIGN, stupid

Much homage is paid to branding and the notion that the brand is the soul of the company.  The brand may be the wrapper but great design is the life force of the brand itself.  Great design is a huge advantage to any business.

Go look at those websites and see if you agree or not.  You may not know anything about design but you know what you like when you see it.  Well done.

Now — how does YOUR design stack up?  Is it crisp, clean, pleasant?  If not, what do YOU intend to do about it?  Yeah, I thought so.  Get right on it, CEO, and make ti happen.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Stay warm today.

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