Finding Inspiration With Thomas Jefferson

This Christmas was great with the family — and, of course, My Perfect Granddaughter who will be two years old in ten days — assembled at The Homestead in Virginia.

I had last been to The Homestead in 1969 when I went there to ski while a cadet at Virginia Military Institute. Not much has changed in 50 years. It is a Southern shrine.

Santa and Mrs. Claus holding court in the Great Hall at The Homestead.

They have incredible accommodations, grand spaces, great food served with graciousness in soaring dining facilities, golf, falconry (who doesn’t love falconry), archery,  horses, skiing, hay rides, swimming, hiking, a spa, and soaking in hot springs.

Below, we see Mimi, Baby Tempe, and My Perfect Daughter with Warrior. Warrior was ridden hard and got a good night’s sleep after this. Warrior is a saint.

The Homestead has been a resort in Hot Springs, Virginia since 1766 — since before there was a United States of America or an American Revolution, there was some kind of hospitality destination in the Virginia mountains built around the native hot springs.

The Jefferson Springs

Since 1766, The Homestead has become a destination which has welcomed folks looking for rejuvenation and healing at the springs including 23 Presidents starting with George Washington.

One of the springs at The Homestead was enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson. I have always been totally captivated by George Washington and have spent many an hour studying his life — his incredible life as an entrepreneur, a real estate professional, a farmer, a builder, a military leader, a political leader, and as a visionary.

But, I have been most keenly interested in Thomas Jefferson as a writer — the steadiest pen in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

Close your eyes and imagine what it must have taken to write a document declaring freedom — by way of revolution — for a colony of Great Britain with its powerful King, its most powerful army in the world, and its most powerful navy in the world?

When he raised his quill tip, he had also signed his own death warrant.

This same man, Thomas Jefferson, took refuge from that task in the hot springs shown below.

I sat in the same hot spring — deep enough to swim in with algae covered rocks at the bottom — for a couple of hours and I am expecting my writing to be more inspired in 2020 and beyond. Inspiration bubbled into my soul from the Jefferson Spring.

Happy New Year to all.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car who has been rejuvenating in the Jefferson Springs in Hot Springs, Virginia.