Don’t Cry For Me, Elon Musk

Elon Musk, whose 2012 employment agreement compensation was the largest in US corporate history, is angry that the Delaware Chancery Court invalidated his 2018 employment agreement (also the largest in US business history).

The 2018 agreement is fairly described as being a “performance based, equity compensation plan.” It contained a dozen milestones each of which when attained delivered to Musk approximately 1% of the shares of Tesla.

BTW, Elon Musk does not draw a salary.

Musk enjoying a blunt on Joe Rogan’s pod cast.

In his sophomoric anger, Musk has threatened to move Tesla’s state of incorporation from Delaware to either Nevada or Texas. This would require shareholder approval. Seems wildly childish and small, but, hey, Elon Musk is Elon Musk.

Nevada corporate law is modeled (plagiarized from) on Delaware law and has only a decade of experience whilst Texas has jury trials. You do not want a jury trial if you are a public company.

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Pepsi (And You?) Support The Russian Killing Machine?

I am not a huge commercial boycott supporter as it relates to social media and wokeness, but war is different and this story of Pepsi’s behavior in Russia merits your most thoughtful consideration. I draw no conclusions and challenge you to evaluate the information and decide for yourself.

Ramon Laguarta, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Pepsico, $28.4MM total compensation 2023

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Ukraine — The Summer Soldier And The Sunshine Patriot

If you know your Revolutionary War history, you will recognize the phrase turned by the pamphleteer and firebrand Thomas Paine in The American Crisis in which he urged the beleaguered American revolutionaries — the Continental Army now on the far side of the Delaware River driven before the victorious British — to hold steady and to justify the cause of freedom.

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The Republican Clown Show

Last night the Republican circus was in town (well on the telly) and treated us all to a third grade, jungle gym display of tripe.

“Clearly, I have better hair than Senator Scott, right?”

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