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Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is working with several CEOs of startup companies and some small/medium businesses.  He enjoys doing it.

Every once in a while it is worthwhile to do a bit of bragging.  The Boss is very impressed with how the CEO of EstateCreate in London is working his deal and growing his business.

Henry Yates, CEO

One of The Boss’s favorite companies is a London based property services company — EstateCreate — whose CEO, Henry Yates, is doing a great job creating and growing the business.

Henry has been at it for some time.  He is a serial entrepreneur with a great education and a background in consulting.  He is smart, talented and hard working.  He is a winner.


Henry understands institutional quality commercial real estate and has leveraged that professional knowledge to solve big problems in the property business — how to streamline the sales process, how to store and transmit huge amounts of due diligence information and how to conduct an “auction” to ensure that the seller is able to avail himself of the best price.  An auction price.

The best price also accommodates a “best of breed” buyer — often an offshore buyer who commands enormous funds being redeployed from volatile parts of the world into a “safe” property market like London.  If you own London real estate, it is not going anywhere.

Henry and EstateCreate have built a platform upon which to present and execute very high quality transactions in London and environs.

Henry has overseen the technical creation of his platform and the individual sales sites which sit on this platform.  He has used a remote development team effectively for years.

EstateCreate is profitable and serves some of the biggest property owners, brokerages and companies in the world.

Having achieved product-market fit and a bit of traction, EstateCreate is ready to blossom and grow.


Henry and EstateCreate are embracing the first big challenges of the growth curve — expanding the client list and hiring their first sales folks.  EstateCreate is getting ready to grow in a meaningful way.

EstateCreate is also beginning to aggressively promote its own story including using video as a sales tool to be distributed directly through a professional email campaign but also to be hung on the company’s website.

The Boss is a huge fan of video and has worked with Henry to nudge this initiative along.  Henry has done all the work and The Boss has lead the cheers from the sidelines.  Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of cheerleading.

Here is EstateCreate’s first video promoting its platform and sales sites.


This video is both a promotional video and a testimonial.  Video testimonials are a powerful way to tell one’s story.  Particularly when a property agent is singing the virtues of EstateCreate’s capabilities.  This authenticity is compelling.

The CEO Advisory Process

The Boss and Henry talk about once a week and they work through a short agenda.  They have worked out a nice rhythm and chemistry.

Here is what Henry had to say about the process recently.

Testimonial JLM Henry Yates  <<< click on link to read PDF

Henry has been methodically building his business and The Boss has been assisting him along the way.

This is how the CEO advisory business works.


Henry and The Boss first worked together through Voomly:

This is an inexpensive way for a CEO and The Boss to get to know each other while they sort out the chemistry.

Go to the link above and take a look, if you are curious.

If you are interested in availing yourself of this expertise and process, give The Boss a call or drop him an email.  You can make contact at 512-656-1383 or [email protected]  He would be glad to hear from you.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.





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  1. Nice post BRC. The boss is doing a fine job helping me get into a higher gear. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business and a mentor can play an invaluable role helping you see the wood through the trees. The boss is a natural mentor and I am loving his input.

    • .
      The Boss says that all the credit goes to Henry Yates and EstateCreate who are doing all the real work.

      Keep on crushing it.


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