The Odd Kinship Between Venture Capitalists and Leftist Politicians

Took a longish road trip the other day and had an unrestrained chat with someone who had terminated our friendship back in late 2015 when I offhandedly said, “I think Donald Trump could actually win the Republican nomination and, ultimately, the presidency.”

He called me out of the blue and I laughed when I realized who it was. He did not apologize for his boorishness and I did not press him. I was staring down more than 1,000 miles, so we chatted.

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Some Thoughts On Job Creation

Presidents are always puffing up and beating their chests about all the jobs they’ve created by their general goodness, wisdom, and pluck.

Here’s the thing — we don’t need any more jobs in the short term. We have plenty of jobs.

We need folks to fill jobs. Let me show you why I think this:

 1. The US Bureau of Labor Statistic publishes a nifty monthly report called the JOLTs report — Job Openings and Labor Turnover. Catchy, eh?

It always seems to be a little behind the times, because the most recent one was published on 12 October and it had the August 2021 numbers.

 2. The report provides information on:

The number of open jobs;

The number of hires;

The number of folks who have quit their jobs; and,

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New Hampshire Voter Fraud 2016

Voter fraud, Big Red Car?

Big Red Car here on an early Friday morning to discuss New Hampshire Voter Fraud in 2016.

Let me share two important facts:

 1. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) won New Hampshire by 2,736 votes.

HRC (D) 348,526 votes
DJT (R) 345,790 votes

 2. Senator Kelly Ayotte(R) was defeated by Governor Maggie Hassan(D) by 1,017 votes.

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Narcissists Exchanging Power

Narcissists, Big Red Car? Huh?

Bit of rain here in the otherwise perfect ATX — celebrating only two more days plus a wakeup until the Inauguration.

If you’re a soldier who has served overseas, you recognize the jargon. The days until the day you depart (DEROS — date of expected rotation from overseas) plus the requirement to wake up on that momentous day. So, there we have it — two days plus a wakeup and we get a new President.

In fact, we exchange the office of President between two narcissists. [OK, Big Red Car, I get it.]

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Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers don’t lie, Big Red Car? What does that mean?

It means that the recent election has a message that everyone is ignoring and has left uninvestigated.

Well, here it is.

The third party candidates determined the winner in a few very important states — the ones nobody thought President Donald J Trump would win; the ones that everyone thought were a two hand dunk shot for Hillary R Clinton.

Let us reason together, y’all.

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Safety Pins, Safe Places

Safety pins, Big Red Car? Really?

Big Red Car here on a sunny Texas day. Ahhh, On Earth As It Is In Texas!

So, the thin skinned liberal elite have taken to wearing safety pins on their lapels to protest the outcome of the recent election. The Big Red Car had heard but not seen this yet.

The Boss returns from an undercover mission to NYC and confirms that people are wearing safety pins on their lapels to indicate their need for a “safe place” from the storm that is President-elect Donald J Trump.

These are, of course, the same type of pins that were used to cinch up a baby’s cloth diaper back in the day.

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Trump-Romney Interview, Exclusive Transcript

Trump-Romney interview? How did you get the transcript, Big Red Car?

OK, so the Big Red Car has magical powers and can sometimes channel stuff that others can’t. This past weekend, the Big Red Car tapped into the smoke detector system in Bedminister, NJ at the Trump Global Golf Course and listened in on President Trump’s convo with Mitt Romney.

What the Big Red Car knows, y’all know, eventually.

Here it is.

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