In Bed By 8 Is Not The Solution, America

After the dumpster fire that was the presidential debate last Thursday, acting President Joe Biden (come on, man, it’s an act) has promised to get more sleep and not to schedule events after eight o’clock in the evening. Further, he has promised to be in bed by 8. Sheesh.

[Joe, WTF is Plan B? For the record, these are not effective treatment protocols for dementia. Just saying.]

Also for the record, my youngest granddaughter — 18 months old — also “promises” to be in bed every night by 8, but she’s up by 7:00 AM every morning, sharp as a tack, eating scrambled eggs, and ready to rock and roll.

Take a step back, take a deep breath, now ask yourself if that utterance — in bed by 8, more sleep, no events after 8 — comforts you that the man holding the reins of the most powerful military force on the planet, the nuclear football, and the strongest economy in the planet is actually in charge or not? Continue reading


Presidential Debate No. 2 — A New Plan

I watched the presidential debate the other night and went to bed aghast that the future President of the United States may be elected based on — wait for it — a candidate’s golf handicap.

“I’m a six or an eight. I used to be really good and I turned down the Naval Academy,” sayeth Joe.   “I’m a two and won several club championships,” said Don.  Total nonsense.

Continue reading


The Tee Ball, Special Olympics Presidential “Debate”

On Thursday, 27 June, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, the country will be treated to a faux “debate” between two old white guys vying for the job as President of the United States (neither of whom have been formally nominated by their parties yet).

Let me tell you what this “debate” will NOT be: a rigorous discussion of the comparative policies and track records of two men, both of whom have held the job.

It will not be a comparision or display critical thinking on immigration, the open Southern border, taxation, the deficit, crime, law enforcement, race, foreign policy, terrorism, domestic policy, climate change, election security, poverty, education, the military, the economy, government spending,  Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, China, global trade, the environment, electric vehicles, or crypto. Continue reading


Trump Trial Verdict

Today the closing arguments will be completed in the New York City show trial of Donald J Trump, former President of the United States and current presumptive nominee of the Republican Party as its candidate for re-election to his former job.

An innocent 4 year old Donald J Trump

After closing arguments, the judge will instruct the jury as to its charge to deliberate and decide the charges against Donald Trump.

Then, the jury will begin and conclude its deliberations. Continue reading


Bring On The Presidential Debates

We are less than six months from Election Day (still several lifetimes from the actual election) and early voting begins in some states as early as September (Virginia as an example). I always think the election really begins the day after Labor Day.

The Biden campaign issued a letter proposing two debates with the first one as soon as next month. Here are the high points of the Biden proposal.

 1. Only two debaters — Presidents Biden and Trump and no Robert F Kennedy Jr or other third party candidates

 2. Two debates, no more, to be moderated by a media outfit such as CNN, but no Fox News, using only existing personnel, no drop ins

 3. In studio only, no audience or expressive crowds to lend earthy responses to the candidates — a debate with no audience, really?

 4. Microphones that shut off when the candidate’s allotted time expires

 5. No involvement with the Commission on Presidential Debates Continue reading


Joe Biden’s Chinese Tariffs — I Approve This Action

I usually disagree with all of Joe Biden’s economic policies which is the reason I am caught so off guard by one that I approve of: tariffs on a range of Chinese goods.

Chinese – US trade has grown substantially since the 2001 inclusion of China in the World Trade Organization, a strategic blunder in my view as it has primarily benefited China at the expense of the US.

In that admission, the Chinese agreed to market access to China for foreign manufacturers, protections for intellectual property, and transparency around trade laws and regulations. None of this materialized.

BTW, the US has only had “normalized” relations with the People’s Republic of China, the Red Chinese, the Communists, since 1979. Continue reading


Malicious Prosecution + Election Interference = Lawfare

Today in Manhattan, the Republican nominee for the office of President of the United States is defending himself against criminal charges alleged by the Manhattan (New York County) District Attorney, Alvin Bragg.

Bragg, like Letitia James, New York Attorney General, ran for office on the platform of holding Donald J Trump “accountable” for all his bad actions — which bad actions at the time he was unable to elucidate. Bragg, like James, had his man and now had to find his crime.

I will walk you down the pathway to show how we got here. Bear with me. Continue reading


The Republican Clown Show

Last night the Republican circus was in town (well on the telly) and treated us all to a third grade, jungle gym display of tripe.

“Clearly, I have better hair than Senator Scott, right?”

I watched every minute of it whilst surfing my phone. It was a total waste of time and a mind-numbing, sophomoric display of nonsense though I think I could smell the elephant scat which was a nice touch. Continue reading