Narcissists Exchanging Power

Narcissists, Big Red Car? Huh?

Bit of rain here in the otherwise perfect ATX — celebrating only two more days plus a wakeup until the Inauguration.

If you’re a soldier who has served overseas, you recognize the jargon. The days until the day you depart (DEROS — date of expected rotation from overseas) plus the requirement to wake up on that momentous day. So, there we have it — two days plus a wakeup and we get a new President.

In fact, we exchange the office of President between two narcissists. [OK, Big Red Car, I get it.]

As you may know, the Big Red Car is not a fan of the policies of the Obama administration chiefly their foreign and domestic policies, their energy policy (what energy policy, Big Red Car — OK, fair play to you on that one). Wait, that seems to summarize all of their policies. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the code word for today in “narcissist.”

On Friday (noonish, don’t sleep in, Buttercup), the outgoing narcissist will give way to the incoming narcissist and the world will never be the same again. [Except for the fact that the outgoing narcissist used to place a lot of emphasis on his Final Four bracket and there is no evidence that the incoming guy is a bracketology devotee.]

Hope & Change will retire from the pressure and majesty of Making America Great Again. In the world of wrestling slogans, MAGA wins the next round.

It is worthy of note that, once again, the United States of America will conduct a peaceful succession of power. [I am overlooking that entire Civil War period, for which I apologize. Sorry.] No tanks in the street. Round Rock not shelling Austin. No paratroopers descending onto the Washington Mall. Peaceful.

The peaceful transition of power is the mark of a civilized society guided by the rule of law and showcases, once again, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. All are entitled not to like the outcome or to curse the result as long as you do not impede the peaceful transition of power.

God bless America and God bless our new President, Donald J Trump, illegitimate as he may be (this is a fop to my still recovering liberal friends who cannot embrace the reality that the election is over and the votes have been tallied). God bless Melania, our new First Lady.

Melania Trump pic

Yes, well, Americans, you get both of us though I and my cub will reside in Trump Tower until he finishes school. Two for the price of one?

But, they — the old guy and the new guy — are both narcissists, aren’t they? Seems like a narcissist can’t catch a break these days or that it requires one to govern us snowflakes. I have a sneaking feeling the new narcissist will be a better than average President. Being a narcissist doesn’t mean you cannot govern well.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car (and I admit to being a bit of a narcissist my own self). Be good to yourself and watch the Inauguration.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


9 thoughts on “Narcissists Exchanging Power

  1. Recently while Obama was releasing criminals from prisons run by the country, USA, he so hates, including releasing serious terrorists from Gitmo, Trump, not even in office yet, has been making real progress on his promise of being “the greatest jobs President” and his first priority “jobs, jobs, jobs”:

    As at


    Bayer AG: $8 Billion Investment

    The Trump transition team is touting a commitment by German-based Bayer AG pharmaceutical company to invest an additional $8 billion in the U.S.A. in research and development in cooperation with Monsanto AG.

    The announcement came on the heels of a “very productive meeting” between the Trump team and Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and Monsanto chief Hugh Grant.

    So, not even POTUS yet, Trump has been having meetings with CEOs who walk out and right away announce $8 billion.

    Good grief: A “very productive meeting” — $8 billion, all from an informal meeting and at most just a handshake deal — no shit Sherlock!

    Look what we’ve been missing out on for the past 8-16 years.

    IIRC, “A few billion here; a few billion there; and after awhile it adds up to real money.”

    For anything like the past 8-16 years, borrowing from a movie, we have to remember just five words: “We’ll never do that again.”.

    IIRC, “When you have Michelangelo painting the ceiling, don’t have a bunch of house painters standing around criticizing.”.

  2. Wow! It looks like the US economy is about to take off like a Saturn 5 moon rocket, like Trump poured gasoline all over the economy and on Friday will throw in a lighted match. Already, even before he has taken office. Wow.

    E.g., as at

    looks like GE is getting back into computing. Early in computing they did GREAT, e.g., built the hardware that MIT Project MAC used to develop Multics, likely the most influential effort in computer hard/software architecture ever, still with us in Intel’s rings and gate segments for applications software jumping into the operating system to get services and for authentication, capabilities, and access control lists central in the now old MIT security system Kerberos and for essentially all of computer security from Microsoft’s Windows Active Directory and file system and global Internet authentication. IIRC, the virtual memory hardware architecture still the standard started with a GE patent.

    It appears that the idea of US companies bringing their earnings from foreign country operations back to the US is much of the intended fuel for the fire.

    Looks like enough such activity will create the tax revenue he needs — e.g., see the most recent Newt Gingrich lecture on Trumpism for how Newt with Reagan lowered taxes, got the economy going, balanced the budget, and enabled significant surpluses soon as at

    It’s a fun lecture.

    Maybe if Trump does much more he will need Niagara Falls to damp down inflation.

    Be careful with lighted matches. “Close cover before striking”. Wow.

  3. On Obama being a narcissist: My reading is that he is bitterly angry at, really hates, nearly everything about the US, is mostly insecure about his abilities, is pleased and even wildly surprised at his rapid rise from Chicago to POTUS, slowly has come to believe that somehow he deserves, say, from what he hates about the US, to be POTUS, has noticed that no matter what he does the mainstream media (MSM) will give him a good grade down to at least a passing grade, has come to believe that the MSM is right, and in total is well past most self control in his presentation of himself to the public and, e.g., is willing to mention himself in speeches way too many times.

    For Trump, I doubt if he is a narcissist: For a first reason, I see him as too bright to fall into that trap, mistake, dangerous state, either in public or even in his own thinking. Instead, my reading is that he has, left over from his childhood, some insecurities, is determined to overcome them, is determined to be successful, early in his building career found that having a brand and getting attention for his brand could be a big aid to his success, e.g., regards his brand as just one of his better tools as a salesman, promoter, leader, etc., but remains with some insecurities.

    • .
      Don’t you think that narcissists are often compensating for their own real or imagined insecurities. I harken back to the early days of the Trump campaign when The Donald made a point of telling us he was RICH.

      Your opinion is certainly as good as that of a Big Red Car and we shall ponder it further.

      Narcissism is getting a bad rap as there is a lot of it going around.

      It is no impediment to governing well.


      • Don’t you think that narcissists are often compensating for their own real or imagined insecurities.

        My understanding of the definition of narcissism was that the person really believes that they are the best, quite broadly over lots of criteria, much better than they really are, that is, have been deceiving themselves, and are not just putting on an act in public of being the best.

        So, we have not been too clear on a definition.

        Of course, the MSM is eager to call Trump a narcissist along with the standard Dem accusation of racist along with a long list of anything negative they guess they can get away with. Then, of course, the MSM has been giving Obama a pass up to grade A+ if he was merely able to tie his shoes.

        I believe that Trump has a really good, largely routine and easy for him, grasp of how to be a great leader and POTUS and MAGA.

        E.g., as I have to believe, quite early on in his building career, Trump understood that he needed to get really good people reporting to him — else he would have to do too much of the work himself. Then, perhaps more slowly, he learned how to select, motivate, assign work to, track, and evaluate those good people.

        For his Administration, it looks to me that he is doing very well in ways that are routine and easy for him.

        First, I’m concluding that he’s been doing a lot that for getting the work done is not as public as his Twitter tweets, MaryAnn Conway, Steve Bannon, etc.

        Second, likely as for the skating rink project, he asked people, in this case a lot of people, for their opinions.

        Third, he’s been good at evaluating people, with interviews or more — I suspect he’s darned good at evaluating people for work to be done.

        So, for some examples, he got General Mattis, Rex Tillerson, and several, maybe many, more. Apparently he got Senator Bob Corker on board to do well with Tillerson and McCain on board to do well with Mattis. I suspect that somehow, in his spare time, after his usual 20 hour days, he has gotten some people to push forward some good plans for replacing ObamaCare.

        No small matter, he has been doing well keeping the MSM yapping mutts at bay, pushing back against the Dems who still don’t accept our election process and various MSM newsies, pundits, and snowflakes who have never seen anything like Trump, or anything very effective or successful, and are afraid that Trump is a disaster, ducking, deflecting, and/or responding as mud pies, including cooked up fake news, are thrown, handling the heads of China, Taiwan, Germany, England, Poland, Russia, France, Syria, etc. Nice work.

        Apparently he has already made progress with Congress on repealing ObamaCare, funding the wall, tax law changes, the national debt limit, getting his nominations confirmed, and more.

        And I’m guessing he’s got more in progress, e.g., engineering and time and cost estimates for the wall.

        It appears that for the first week or two, with the MSM watching, he will sign a huge stack of papers obliterating much of what Obama did. Also he will make his first SCOTUS nomination.

        My guess is that in his own mind he is quite clear on just what he is going to do, as clear as he was when breaking ground for one of his tall buildings.

        And, on what he is going to do, that is basically what he described during the campaign, especially in several carefully written policy speeches.

        For getting these things done, he is in good shape with the publicity, politics, funding, team, management techniques, etc. So, the work will go forward as a larger version of the skating rink.

        While such work is obvious enough in much of business, the rest of politics, the MSM, lots of people overseas have never seen such work, won’t understand how the work is getting done, and will be guessing over and over nearly always wildly wrong.

        In the end, his accomplishments will be much as he promised and as difficult to ignore as one of his tall buildings. The US voters will notice and strongly approve. For decades, Trump will have raised the bar bigly for performance in politics. The rest of politics, the MSM, etc., then, will be left confused, helpless, intimidated, cowed, beaten, depressed. A lot of newsies and pundits will get much better jobs, say, cleaning up after bums use the streets as toilets.

        • .
          Two things of specific note in what you write:

          1. Pres Trump has gotten a lot of very accomplished people to believe in him and to accept positions in his Cabinet and administration. They are an impressive bunch with a common trait — nobody needs a job.

          2. Pres Trump is used to performing when others rule his efforts as obviously headed for failure — Wollman Skating Rink is a perfect example.

          I think you note, but perhaps not sufficiently, the guy has a certain way of doing things that just, flat works. His leadership style is neither simple nor shallow. With good people around him, he exerts his personality to get things done, fully expecting and overcoming opposition of all kinds. That is the mark of an effective leader.

          He is not an idealogue. His detractors could say he doesn’t stick by his commitments. Same result. He will move on a dime and he is flexible, the necessity for a market driven leader in a rapidly changing market.

          Trump is going to be successful. His critics will not agree to that initially, but much of what he does will speak for itself, e.g. Wollman Skating Rink.


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