Exclusive Interviews

OK, yesterday the Big Red Car posted an exclusive interview with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi. You can read it here.

Nancy Pelosi – an Exclusive Interview

A reader of the female, legal persuasion wrote me a scathing email — I am still blushing at her language, but a blush on a Big Red Car is hard to detect — in which she doubted whether, in fact, the Big Red Car had spoken directly to Madame Speaker.

“You are a bald faced liar,” were her exact words. It is hard to quote a sentence from her email without exposing y’all to profanity. She called me a “rust bucket” which is, unfortunately, true.

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Trump-Romney Interview, Exclusive Transcript

Trump-Romney interview? How did you get the transcript, Big Red Car?

OK, so the Big Red Car has magical powers and can sometimes channel stuff that others can’t. This past weekend, the Big Red Car tapped into the smoke detector system in Bedminister, NJ at the Trump Global Golf Course and listened in on President Trump’s convo with Mitt Romney.

What the Big Red Car knows, y’all know, eventually.

Here it is.

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Trump Romney — Best Friends Forever?

Big Red Car here, y’all. One of the most pathetic political displays in the history of the United States is available for your viewing pleasure — the juxtaposition of Mitt Romney’s comments when he sought the endorsement of Donald Trump in 2012 and today’s speech. The hypocrisy is incredible.

Trump Romney — best friends forever? You decide.

The GOPe has panicked and Mitt Romney has undertaken to bring their soiled linen to the public.

While Donald Trump must answer for his own life and performance, it is not Mitt Romney’s job to criticize the Republican front runner. Not if he is an adherent to the catechism of Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

This is perfidy at its ultimate.

Shame on you, Mitt. This makes me sick. Watch both videos and let me know what you think of Mitt Romney? Continue reading


Romney Administration Review — A Critical Assessment

Big Red Car here on a football Saturday in the ATX. Lots of good games on the flatscreen today. There is nothing like a good weekend of college football particularly this year where there is no real dominate team — sorry Nick Satan.

So, President Romney has been in office for going on two years now and it is possible to catalog the profound changes that have occurred under his administration. Continue reading