Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers don’t lie, Big Red Car? What does that mean?

It means that the recent election has a message that everyone is ignoring and has left uninvestigated.

Well, here it is.

The third party candidates determined the winner in a few very important states — the ones nobody thought President Donald J Trump would win; the ones that everyone thought were a two hand dunk shot for Hillary R Clinton.

Let us reason together, y’all.

Trump was not supposed to win either Michigan or Wisconsin. He won both. How was that possible, dear reader?

Let us look at the numbers.


President Trump takes Wisconsin by 1,405,284 votes to HRC’s 1,382,536.

Margin of victory? 22,748 << doublecheck the math cause the Big Red Car did this in his big V-8 brain.

OK, so what, Big Red Car?

Here’s what:

 1. Gary Johnson takes a total of 106,674 votes.

 2. Jill Stein grabs 35,150 votes.

 3. “Others” take 46,506.

So, Trump wins by a measly 22,748 but the third party strap hangers walk away with a total of 188,330 votes. This is what — eight times the margin of DJT v HRC victory?

Why did HRC lose Wisconsin? Why did President Trump in Wisconsin?

You tell me, dear readers.

But, wait, Big Red Car — who lost the votes?

Yes, dear readers, there is a bit of analysis to determine from which candidate the “others” stole votes. There are many who would opine they were primarily #NeverTrump votes and, thus, they would have put Hillary in the White House. Who really knows?

I will not belabor you with the other states and their numbers but I do want to leave you with this — the Trump margin of victory was very tight in the Rust Belt — a place he was not supposed to even be competitive. It was not because of his overwhelming appeal; there is also the impact of third party and “other” candidates. Serious students of politics will not overlook this and a thoughtful President Trump will not either.


Yes, we did, you beautiful deplorables.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and I want to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas. Be kind to someone who doesn’t expect it and mess with their head. Have to go help Santa.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

18 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie

  1. Twas the day the electors, had votes certified
    As I reflect on the journey I’ve had with you guys.
    The alt-left were rustled, and filled up with dread,
    While visions of racism danced in their heads.
    The #fakenews still trending, with Russians and hacks
    While Soros tries funding a social collapse.
    When out of the darkness arose such a clatter,
    Jill wants a recount, the alt-left did chatter.
    Away to the forums, I flew in a flash.
    This tree-bitch is trying to raise party cash.
    The recounting failed, and yielded more votes,
    For Emperor Trump, and his wall with a moat.
    The media broken, the left losing face,
    Still chanting fakenews, and pizzagate
    When, what to my wondering eyes should adore,
    Mad-Dog’s been appointed to Department of War!
    With astoundment and awe, it happened so quick,
    God-Emperor making his cabinet pick.
    More rapid than eagles his choices they came,
    We whistled, and shouted, when he called out their name.
    Now Mad-dog, and Puzder, and Pruitt, and Kelly,
    and Carson, and DeVos, and Sessions, and Perry!
    To the top of the world, build America’s wall,
    And then we’ll make Mexico pay for it all!
    Old rigid Clinton, hid from public eye,
    While centipedes everywhere looked to the sky.
    Congress, executive, and judicial branch,
    Now held by the right, in a vote avalanche
    Obama now rustled, a bungling goof,
    As Putin and Russians demand hacking proof.
    Lost in the glory, much win was abound,
    Assange and his crew, expose fraud that was found.
    The Green Party mucking, only made matters worse,
    Michigan tired of the democrat curse.
    Voter fraud found, favoring Hillary
    Now Michigan implements voter ID!
    Trump’s eyes-how they twinkle! His hair how merry!
    The winning at this rate was getting quite scary!
    His presence at rallies and his winning tour,
    crowds did keep amassing, many centipedes he did lure.
    The stumping of Trump, and his glorious train,
    A task only morons attempted in vain.
    We have a based leader, and the best everything,
    not even in office, but already our king.
    The cucks they will rile, piss and whine endlessly,
    out loud they will cry, should’ve been Hillary!
    Lambasting we’ll hear, from this last epic race,
    Til their wife and her boyfriend puts them in their place,
    Podesta and Huma will speak not a word,
    The will of the people, this country has heard.
    Obama while leaving will bend at the knee,
    Or go straight to jail with that crook Hillary!
    We won centipedes,
    Let’s make America Great.
    Four years will pass quickly, so let’s make it eight.
    Our emperor won, and beat out the rest,
    Merry Christmas to all, you all are the best!

  2. Meh, did the 3rd party candidates collectively outpoll previous 3rd party candidates by a meaningful statistical margin? If someone says Hillary should have won, ask them what her slogan was. Then ask what Trump’s slogan was. There is your answer in a nutshell.

    Michigan and Wisconsin both have been trending Republican for the past few election cycles. If their checkbooks improve in the next four years-and more importantly their state governments do the job they should, put them in the Red column for a few cycles.

    By state govts doing their jobs it’s 1. Right to work 2. Reforming public pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution 3. Lowering taxes and regulation 4. School Choice.

    • .
      In 2012, BHO/JB took 53% v 46% for Romney/Ryan. Hard to see a trend — at the national level — with those numbers. Pretty solid majority. Presidential and Governor races are driven by different dynamics — most obvious being national defense and foreign policy.

      Total third party votes in 2012 were less than 40K v the 188K in 2016. That’s 4.6X greater. A big swing.

      People may forget that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were in the mix in 2012 and took a total of 28K votes in Wisconsin.

      It is clear that the 2016 vote for either Johnson or Stein was a vote of dissatisfaction with either of the candidates. A lot of savvy Republican operatives saw Stein as sucking from the same straw as HRC. I know Republican folks who helped get her on the ballot in Pennsylvania.

      HRC had many flaws but if she’d been able to pry away some of the third party vote, she might have closed the gap. This is also more glaring as she, essentially, did not campaign in Wisconsin.

      I am happy with the outcome but I don’t want the Republicans/Trumpians to get cocky and complacent. It was a Perfect Storm and now they have to govern their way into a majority. All they really won was a spot on the team. Now they have to be able to play.


      • That HRC came so close, that she even got the nomination, that she wasn’t already in jail, tell me that our country is one step from going off a cliff into a deep canyon, e.g., have a SCOTUS that destroys the Constitution and becomes socialist dictators for nearly every wacko idea of Hollywood starlets, the Green Glob, the PC crowd, the globalists, etc.

        Trump and the people who elected him are saving our country. That we could come so close to going off the cliff is sad to realize, and scary. We’re safe for now.

  3. Came here to greet my dear deplorable friends, I wonder if I will have to do this always in the future or if you will eventually return to where you belong, you are missed! Anyway, you are just one click away right? 🙂

    Best wishes and peace for you @JLM:disqus and @sigmaalgebra:disqus too.

    Merry Christmas.

    • .
      The same to you. Lawrence. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      The world is in an interesting place and I think Trump has an opportunity — no certainty, just an opportunity — to break down some barriers that may have an important impact on the long term quality of the planet’s existence.

      Stop by The Musings where every opinion is welcome and where the deplorables don’t even know they’re deplorable. Where the skins are as thick as steel and where one’s word may be as strong as kerosene.

      Be well and get more than your fair share in the New Year.


      • The pieces are already set in the table for a new game, it is his and his team’s turn to show the people what is what they got. I still dislike the character due to all the crap he threw during the campaign, aware that it was all made up for a specific purpose, not casual. What puzzles me is why I am so interested. The only thing left now is to buckle up and try to enjoy the ride.

        I couldn’t believe it when I realized that the small cubicle that stands for our HQ in NYC is 3 or 4 blocks from his castle-tower! I can’t just ignore him. I am aware that his goverment will change some business rules that might affect our interests, who knows which way, that is why we need a the JLM more that ever. 🙂

        Best wishes for you and family.

    • Thanks, hope you had a Merry Christmas still feeling good from the good times and will have a Happy New Year celebration and year.

      • Yep, thankfully I did. This year season I am playing the cook. I learned to make pork ribs cooked at low temperature and the results were… delicious, as I could tell watching guests faces singing, which is by far my prize and motivation. Wife said I cheated because I took a nap while the thing was in the oven and she took the watch. But come on, I have been working as a dog as the beatles song goes and, what was the point of staring at the oven for 5 hours? Good times as you say, happy you got them too.

        I was thinking about you this week as I have been coding in I am very impressed about the status of the language and framework. It saved my ass because I had to ditch the C++ version of the same component due to crazy windows component registration and bitness compatibility issues.

        I wish you get more good times this weekend.

        • Yes, VB is fine with me. As far as I can tell, C# is better only is some recent extensions if that.

          I see possibilities for better programming languages, but so far I see little or no efforts for what I have in mind.

          E.g., write the code and give it to someone else. How the heck can they understand it? Do good testing? Have some more progress on proofs of correctness. The language needs to have some design features to help that.

          E.g., we should have some code transformation operations with some useful, guaranteed properties, especially invariants..

  4. Well, IIRC way back in the campaign, one of the common questions from newsies for Trump was what kind of personality he had, and a common Trump answer was “A winning personality”. So, he won. Landslide, people’s choice, the popular vote, democracy for “winning” are a bit indirect. Instead, learn to get and count votes, that is, electoral college votes, whatever legal way, wherever can get them.

    Also, IIRC, there have been newsie reports that in some of the swing states the Trump campaign helped some of the third party campaigns.

    But, what about justice, fairness, true democracy, the real will of the people? Can these objectives be served by some campaigning driven by arithmetic? Hmm. For part of an answer, how the heck did the US get the gift that keeps on taking, the Clintons, anyway? Sure: Ross Perot with his remark about NAFTA — “giant sucking sound” of jobs moving to Mexico — that split the Republican vote, although I don’t have the arithmetic handy.

    IIRC, early on Trump stated that he wasn’t in the campaign to lose and expected to win. Apparently nearly no one in the Republican party, the Democrat party, or the mainstream media (MSM) believed him and, instead, came up with alternative explanations, IIRC that Trump was just an egotistical publicity hound.

    Lesson: Trump is exceptional, more rare than one in a million not just from his net worth but more. Well, it should be easy to accept that it will be super tough for the common man in the street to understand how (1) to conclude that someone else is that exceptional and (2) to evaluate accurately the exceptional person’s capabilities, techniques, approaches, and plans early on just at the stage of planning. E.g., to a common man in the street, that someone who never held or even ran for elective office could be sure, before the primaries, sure enough to bet ballpark $100 million of their own money, that they could win the White House sounds less credible than that they could be sure of winning the lottery; so, the common man in the street just regards such a goal as arrogance, incompetence, and egotistical nonsense. Then the MSM newsies do well feeding that misunderstanding.

    Gee, for 16 months or so ago, wonder what betting odds I could have gotten — maybe a McDonald’s Happy Meal against a new high end Corvette pretty girl catcher, the kind of pretty girls who bring really good, fresh, hot, homemade pecan sticky buns and cold apple cider to a date to go park, sit, and watch a lunar eclipse? Hmm …!

    Trump is doing the US a yuge, bigly favor: He is saving the US from the very dangerous nonsense of Obama, Hillary, too many of the Democrats, the radial Islamic terrorists, the open borders crowd, the globalists, the aggressive China trade techniques, etc. This effort is costing Trump a lot of time with his family and putting Trump and all of his family at risk of bodily harm and subject to the nastiest remarks and behavior people can formulate and get away with. So, he’s being a patriot.

    So, some illegal in Mexico will really want to cross north into the US with DHS chief General Kelly on the US side and watching with people, radar, drones, seismic and other sensors, etc.? I don’t think so!

    ISIS soldiers in their Trojan Horse in the US will come to understand that General Kelly is watching them, knows what they are thinking and doing, hour by hour — one sufficiently suspicious communication or act and, presto, bingo, they will be off the streets and out’a the US, maybe for an all expense paid, long term vacation in sunny Cuba at Club Gitmo.

    With General Kelly, some illegal already in the US believes that in a sanctuary city they will be able to commit crimes and, then, just be let back out on the streets and not be deported? I don’t think so!

    China thinks that they can use their slave labor and dirty environment to dump cheap, toxic junk into the US consumer market, steal US jobs, buy up US companies, steal US intellectual property, use classic monopolistic and predatory strategies, etc. with Assistant to the President and Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Dr. Peter Navarro watching? I don’t think so. E.g., see

    Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version),

    US INTEL will still be deaf, dumb, blind, fooled, and asleep with former DIA Chief General Flynn as National Security Advisor? I don’t think so.

    So, ISIS, etc. believe that the US military is a paper tiger with General Mattis as SECDEF? I don’t think so. Jihaders, either (A) find a peaceful, new line of work, at least stay the heck out of the way of the US, or (B) get a fast magic carpet ride to Allah. Your choice.

    The deep blue MSM newsies are rubbing their hands with glee that with their usual distortions, fabrications, and lies they will be able to paint and define Trump as incompetent, selfish, uncaring, evil, dirty, etc? Uh, think again, newsies; it’s simple: Just with a few lines from Trump on Twitter each day or so, or Instagram or Facebook, some Trump interviews, many statements from Trump Administration spokes persons, photo-ops of Trump meeting with, e.g., the top Silicon Valley CEOs, some Trump rallies (there’s no law against Trump continuing to hold rallies), photo-ops of Trump at openings of new plants, factories, infrastructure projects, Naval ship launchings (maybe with Melania, Ivanka, or Tiffany swinging the Champagne bottle), rising employment figures, campaigning for good Republicans for the 2018 election, etc., and Trump can continue to build his approval ratings and, then, use that consensus to get more done.

    It’s going to go on this way: For lack of a better term, Trump will “drain the swamp”.

  5. Interestingly the dems would rather blame Russia than Gary Johnson for their loss. Your post is great ammunition for the DNC but unfortunately they don’t believe in guns.

    • .
      Losing to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein makes them look ineffectual and incompetent (stupid) while losing because of the Big Bad Bear makes them into their favorite species — victims.

      It is perfectly clear that the #NeverTrump vote was there for the taking and she fumbled it.

      She could have been a contender.

      Merry Christmas!


      • Keep up the great posts in 2017! You simply are the best debater. Yes, their favorite stance is to be the perma-victim. Putin’s comments on how the dems are poor losers was, well, pretty spot on. His letter to Trump was pretty cool too. God Bless America!

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