The Deep State — Hidden In Plain Sight

There is some controversy swirling about in Washington, the District of Columbia, pertaining to the President — this fellow Trump, Donald J Trump, guy who unexpectedly won the election back in 2016 — and the Congress. I think — check me on this — that the Democrats in Congress want to remove the President from office.

Odd sort of thing. We’re a year from an election. Why not let the ballot box do that?

Oh, well. But, I did stumble on something so unusual that I thought I needed to bring it to your attention.

It pertains to the Deep State and the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, this guy — Michael Atkinson.


WTF is the Deep State, Big Red Car?

The Deep State is an imaginary — maybe no? — layer of folks who have wiggled deeply into the corpus and organs of our government, fastened themselves thereto like barnacles, and pride themselves on outlasting any elected administration.

The President may serve for eight years, but the Deep State lasts forever. In this fashion, they pay lip service to the admin all the while executing on their own peculiar vision of how things ought to be.

Some say up to removing a President who threatens to wrest their power from them. It is true in all branches of the government.

So, one is forced to ask — Who is the Deep State? Where do they reside? Are they even real?

So, I bring to you the story of the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson.

By all accounts, Mike is considered a great guy by his peers. More about that later.

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Cut The Crap — Hunter Biden

Your Big Red Car hasn’t posted a “Cut The Crap” sentiment in a while, so here is one today on Influence Peddling.

Hunter Biden is the son of former Vice President and current seeker of the nomination of the Democrat party Quid Pro Joe Biden. [Please forgive me. I couldn’t help myself. I have never liked Joe Biden. I always thought his Amtrak, the Senator from MBNA shtick was obsequious. I also am very cool on Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and John McCain.]

Here’s Joey taking in a basketball game with Dad and a pal of theirs. Who wouldn’t like this guy?

Anyway, unless you have been in some far away place — like the Ukraine, as an example — you probably have heard that Hunter Biden was named to the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company called “We Want Some Influence and Are Willing to Buy It at Full Price.” No, actually the company’s name is Burisma Holdings.

The Big Cheese at Burisma appointed Hunter Biden to the Board of Directors of his company and compensated him at the rate of $50,000 per month for a five year period — that, my friend is what called a “good” side hustle. Biden’s “company” also did some other work directly for the company deriving additional income.

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Ageism — Political Ageism

Senator, and candidate for the Democrat nomination to be eviscerated by President Trump in November 2020, Bernie Sanders had a heart attack that resulted in the installation of two stents in a blocked artery. [OK, the crack about being eviscerated is a little strong. Sorry. Wait, I don’t apologize to anybody about anything. Do I?]

Bernie Sanders is out of the hospital, resting comfortably, and contemplating returning to the campaign trail in a week. Bernie, don’t do it. You’re done, amigo.

God bless you, Bernie Sanders. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Godspeed.

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The Wackiness of Politics in Minneapolis

You may have noticed that your Big Red Car has been steering clear of politics recently. No reason, but I have.

Today, I saw something so wacky that I started laughing. Laughter led to bemusement and who do I share my bemusement with? That would be you, dear reader.

So, the Trump campaign — Trump2020 — announces it is holding a campaign rally in Minneapolis in the same Congressional District as Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Congresswoman Omar, the Assistant Squad Leader for The Squad, has been an ardent critic of President Trump, so somebody with a sense of humor over at Trump2020 said, “Hey, let’s go hold a Trump2020 rally in Congresswoman Omar’s District, say what?”

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Who Is Accountable For Bad Policy?

Comes now the issue of the $15 minimum wage, one of those issues championed by the left that was predicted to have catastrophic results if enacted.

Sticking their heads firmly in the sand, the liberal left in places like New York State refused to study, investigate, or reason with the voices who protested, recommended caution, or who suggested another way. Instead the hands on the whip enacted legislation to achieve their political ends back in 2016.

Now, those chickens have come home to roost.

In New York State, a law was enacted that increased the minimum wage as subdivided by the following entities:

New York City — big employers defined as 11 or more employees

New York City — small employers defined as 10 or fewer employees

Long Island, Westchester

The balance of New York State

For New York City, the minimum wage was raised to $15/hour on 31 December 2018.

Opponents of this new law had pleaded before its inception during the debate that they could not sustain that level of compensation and would ultimately go out of business.

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The Whistleblower — Exclusive Interview

The call came in yesterday. It was a little mysterious, so I was understandably cautious.

“Listen, Big Red Car, how would you like an exclusive interview with THE WHISTLEBLOWER?” the voice asked in a furtive whisper.

“You mean, THE whistleblower?” I asked.


“Sure, when?”

Today, I am sitting with The Whistleblower and we are going to chat about his complaint.

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A Few Good Men — Joseph Maguire

Today, you may have seen a few snippets of the Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, being quizzed by the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Cali) in regard to the l’affaire “blowing of the whistle.”

It was the typical Congressional investigatory shit show, but I discovered an interesting man: Joseph Maguire.

Who is this man Joseph Maguire?

Director Maguire was a 36-year Navy man in a prior life. He wore three stars as a Navy Vice Admiral. He spent his entire career as a special warfare officer and wears the SEAL Trident and the Marine Corps Parachutist insignia.

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