The (Allegedly) Corrupt Congressman Cuellar

I have often marvelled at how rich members of the US Congress — both the House and Senate — become in a job with a nice, but fixed salary. Where does that wealth come from? Perhaps, just a bit of enlightenment.

Comes now the story of US Congressman Henry Cuellar who represents the people of Texas in District 28 encompassing an odd map that includes Schertz, Selma, Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, Marion, New Berlin, and Santa Clara.

Here’s what it look like. You will note that it does not include either Azerbiajan or Mexico City. Continue reading


Senator Bernie Sanders and The Grift

Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-admitted socialist. He is also a grifter.

His wife, the esteemed Dr. Jane O’Meara Sanders, and her son, David Driscoll, founded the Sanders Institute to save American democracy.

Some say it was formed to employ David Driscoll and to promote the interests of Bernie Sanders, but who really knows? Cough, cough.

So, where’s the grift, Big Red Car?

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The Debt Ceiling Faux Crisis 2023 Edition

It is that time of the political cycle to pretend we have a debt ceiling crisis. The sky is falling!

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen — who has been wrong on every substantive issue thus far including her huge boner on “transitory” inflation — says the government will run out of money on 1 June, so we have a crisis!

OK, so I blew it on inflation, but we do have a debt ceiling CRISIS! Trust me. This is my serious look.

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Why Republicans Cannot Govern – They Are Traitors To Themselves

Comes now the Republican party after missing the Big Red Wave and failing to control the Senate whilst eking out a pathetic majority in the House of Boobs.

The Republicans in the House cannot find a horse to get across the finish line as Congressman McCarthy fails in his fifth attempt to garner sufficient votes to become Speaker.

[Congressman McCarthy — pssst – it isn’t working, dude. Do the right thing. Find a sword and fall on it.] Continue reading


Taking The Hispanic Vote For Granted

The United States is approximately 18.5% Hispanic while America is 13.4% black.

The Hispanic vote has typically been much heavier on the Democrat side than the Republicans, but this is changing.

How’s it changing, Big Red Car?

Here, dear reader, is how it is changing:

 1. In the 2016 Presidential election, Hispanics voted 66% for Hillary Clinton and 28% for Donald Trump.

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Partisanship — From Whence Cometh Partisanship In College?

I stumbled on an interesting study recently. It goes like this —

  1. Objective: survey self-identified Democrats/Republicans as well as men/women as to behavior they would or would not engage in based on their Presidential candidate preference.
  2. Sample size 850
  3. Date 18-22 November 2021
  4. Sample — college kids nationwide <<<  2/4-year community colleges, technical colleges, trade schools, public/private 4-year colleges
  5. Margin of error – +/- 3.4%

College students who would not “go out on a date with” someone who voted for the opposing Presidential candidate?

Democrats – 71%

Republicans – 31%

Women – 59%

Men – 33%

College students who would not “shop at or support a business of” someone who voted for the opposing Presidential candidate? Continue reading