How Republicans Manage To LOSE Constantly

Herschel Walker lost the Georgia Senate runoff election to Senator Warnock yesterday in typical Republican fashion:

 1. The Republicans have no GOTV ground game that can compete with the Dems. This is compounded by the county map scale issue explained below.

 2. The Republicans failed to raise sufficient money to compete with the Warnock campaign in the media. Warnock controlled the messaging – a series of non-stop, brutal attacks on the character of Walker until Election Day.

 3. The Republicans have no national leadership at the Republican National Committee level that can send a SWAT team to deal with critical local elections.

 4. The Republicans continue to focus on Election Day rather than early voting. Classic Election Day v Election Season problem.

Election Season v Election Day Explained

 5. The Republicans failed to close ranks and work for the overall good of the party. Continue reading


Election Season v Election Day

With the (unfortunate or fortunate, your pick) results of the mid-terms still smoldering, it is worthy of some discussion as to how the Dem and Reps view the actual process of casting a ballot.

It is easy to say:

 1. The Dems take an “all of the above” approach to voting; whilst,

 2. The Reps focus – to their detriment – on casting ballots on Election Day Continue reading


Why The Democrats Got Shellacked in the Mid-term Election Explained

In much the same way that Putin publishes the results of his elections a couple of days before Election Day, I will now, right here, reveal what the media and pundits will say on the backward looking shows on Wednesday morning after the Dems drown in a RED WAVE.

“Suburban women abandoned the Dems over pocketbook issues like inflation and the economy.” Continue reading


Thoughts On Voting

Chap sent me a thought provoking article on the state of voting in the United States. Thanks, GW. Here are the thoughts it provoked in the engine of your Big Red Car:

 1. One person. One vote. Verify the person. Authenticate the vote.

This line above is what honest people want as it relates to American elections.

If someone argues that any of those four tenets are erroneous, be suspicious. It is basic stuff like cornbread.

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Let’s Cut the Crap About — Tax Returns and Teddy the Cruz

Big Red Car here in the ATX. The Boss is back from Mexico and he is sunburned to a crisp. [Boss, sunscreen even for you.]

So, the Big Red Car was watching the Sunday morning talk shows in anticipation of Super Tuesday.

There was a lot of chatter about tax returns. Tax returns and Mafia connections. The Big Red Car wants to mansplain it to y’all. Continue reading