Overlooking the Obvious

Big Red Car here. Watched the political shows this morning and it seems like the media is a little clueless about something that is obvious to a 1966 Impala SuperSport convertible.

Want me to tell you what that is?

Jeb Bush represents the hopes of the GOPe (Republican establishment). The guys who think they’ve been running the Republican party for generations. Guys used to getting their own way. All perfectly true.

Donald Trump represents all the pissed off people who think the Republican establishment has never done anything for them. Imagine all these peasants identifying with a billionaire who is not himself a member of the GOPe. Also, all perfectly true.

That’s all there is. The Republicans won a big victory in 2014 and because it was a mid-term the GOPe was not calling the shots. Individual Senate and House races were impacted by irritated, vexed, irked non-GOPe folk.

This is why guys like Jeb Bush at 3% in the polls still think they have a shot at the nomination because they are used to eventually getting their way.

Sayeth The Donald, “Not so fast, fellas. Not so damn fast.”

Let’s be clear — the December front runner doesn’t mean anything but this may not be the typical December front runner. We shall see.

The GOPe doesn’t have a clue, is angry, still thinks Jeb has a chance (bridge in Brooklyn for y’all?), and is likely to take the Republican party off a cliff in their anger.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. GOPe is an archaic cabal of fat, white, rich, crybabies and The Donald is a pretty media savvy guy. This is going to be very interesting.

6 thoughts on “Overlooking the Obvious

  1. A good explanation of what Trump is causing the GOP Establishment, much of the mainstream media, and now ‘The National Review’ to do is just a special case of the following movie quote:

    Near the end of the movie Moneyball, from John W. Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, to Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, at the end of Beane’s quite successful first season using the statistical lessons of Moneyball, there is the statement:

    I know you’re taking it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall, he always gets bloody. Always.

    This is threatening not just a way of doing business, but in their minds, it’s threatening the game. Really, what it’s threatening is their livelihood, their jobs. It’s threatening the way that they do things.

    Every time that happens, whether it’s a government, a way of doing business, whatever it is, the people who are holding the reins, they have their hands on the switch, they go batshit crazy.

    I mean, anybody who’s not tearing their team down right now and rebuilding it using your model, they’re dinosaurs. They’ll be sitting on their ass on the sofa in October watching the Boston Red Sox win the World Series.

  2. Politics is a pendulum and the GOPe has yet to notice the arch has moved to the other side of conservative thought. The interest in Trump By “The People” is two fold 1)Try to wake up the GOPe so they stand up and remember what conservative values and principles are, it’s not all about wining there is acting to do! 2) The press is to dimwitted to cover the real issues and revert to Standard Kardashian TMZ news that does not require reading History, Economics or any information above 3thrd grade level.

    • .
      Fair play — there is a cyclical force/counterforce dynamic to politics in the past. Not sure that it is a long term trend from here on out. The issues have become way too big — the American economy and safety from foreign threats.

      I disagree completely with you in regard to the GOPe (the GOP establishment of which I have been a keen observer and participant) and what is happening.

      The GOPe still thinks they get to anoint who they want — Jeb Bush was smacked with their checkbook at an early point in time and was their boy.

      What has changed is the anger manifested in the 2014 elections in which the working man sent a text which said: “We are voting our pocketbooks from here on out.”

      The pissed off folk delivered a bigger majority in the House and the Senate which Pres Obama has essentially ignored. The Congress, not a pair of balls amongst them and led by a faux Republican in Mitch McC, then laid down and kissed the President’s feet and points north.

      Those angry people are still out there. More angry, not less angry.

      The GOPe has lost control of the asylum as evidenced by the fact of Jeb’s complete rejection and the ascendancy of the “outsiders.” Plus, the re-branding of a few insiders to become outsiders.

      The media is being bitch smacked by Donald Trump on a daily/hourly basis. I agree with your characterization of the media but the people get it. They realize there is not a single Republican vote to be garnered amongst the entire media ecosystem.

      Again, who gives a damn what the Democrats (the media being their proxy) think about the working man or the Republican candidate?

      This is going to get even more interesting before it calms down. We may have a “papercut” American Revolution. I, for one, am willing to run a couple of infantry divisions if I can get assigned to the Rockies.

      Donald Trump is nobody’s dummy. Like him? Dislike him? He is likely the only real “doer” on the dais.


  3. I’m unsure if I should be *that* frightened on Trump. How much of his bullshit is theater ? He used to be fairly progressive on a lot of issues, and he does have Real Life experience, as opposed to lifer-politicians, so at least he must know somewhere that he can make as much money off the various types of foreigners as off blonde and blue-eyed Amurikans ?

    Plus you need a pressure valve earlier rather than later. Rather Trump than Hitler or Mc Carthy. Probably.

    • .
      No reason to be frightened about anything about Trump. Long, long way until the election and he doesn’t and may never have the nomination.

      Once upon a time being called a progressive was a good thing. Now, it has come to mean “looney left”. Trump is a pragmatist as one would expect from a guy who builds tall buildings in real weather. Real world.

      Without holding my hand up for Trump, I certainly have to say he has already brought subjects out of the shadows that are way overdue to get in front of the American people.

      He is the only guy from either party who has actually done anything of substance in the real world and for that reason alone people are gravitating to him because the politicians have gotten us nowhere.

      Happy Everything!


  4. Jeb? Only one thing we have to know:

    He thinks brother W did the right thing in Iraq.

    Really, really, super, world-class, long term historically serious shit.

    So, Jeb’s permanently disqualified for any position as high as street sweeper — as street sweeper with a broom he might hurt himself or others.

    Jeb Bush at 3% in the polls

    No, the MSM keeps making that mistake: It’s just 3, not 3%. That’s Bush 41, Bush 43, and Jeb and not Barbara.

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