Hillary by a TKO — No, It Was a KO

Big Red Car here on a rainy Saturday morning. Ahhh, we are going to get the big Mexican hurricane shortly and we are going to get a lot of rain.

So Thursday saw Hillary Clinton’s tour-de-force before the House Benghazi committee.

She wrestled them to the ground and made them eat shit. Figuratively speaking, or course.

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Putting the Lame in Lame Duck

Big Red Car here.  I’m sure that you’re tired of hearing the Big Red Car tell you how great things are here in the ATX. Nice warm sunny weather day after day in July.  Ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas!

So The Boss is paying close attention the President’s new “economic offensive”.  It is easy to see why many folks find it to be offensive.  It is old wine in not very new bottles.

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An indictment of competence, character or native intelligence?

Big Red Car here.  The Boss and I are up early headed to coffee.  I must admit that a 6:00 AM coffee is just a bit too much for this Big Red Car but, hey, I can use the work.

The Boss is all exercised about yesterday’s Benghazi hearings.  He was ranting about them yesterday evening at a lovely little neighborhood gathering across the street.  I could hear it all from the driveway.  The Boss seems to have a point.  Maybe.

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The President Lied On Benghazi

Big Red Car here.  I love Sunday mornings because I can watch the “shows” on television and I can use the computer and surf the ‘Net when The Boss is at church.

He goes to that snake charming church of his. Haha, Big Red Car, watch yourself you’re going to get your ‘puter privileges shorted.  OK, sorry, Boss.

So let’s cut the crap about Benghazi.  Let’s skin it back and let it stink.

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