An indictment of competence, character or native intelligence?

Big Red Car here.  The Boss and I are up early headed to coffee.  I must admit that a 6:00 AM coffee is just a bit too much for this Big Red Car but, hey, I can use the work.

The Boss is all exercised about yesterday’s Benghazi hearings.  He was ranting about them yesterday evening at a lovely little neighborhood gathering across the street.  I could hear it all from the driveway.  The Boss seems to have a point.  Maybe.

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George Washington — the ultimate crisis leader

Big Red Car here.  Nice sunny day, cold, here in the ATX.

The Boss was up before dawn and had his breakfast and was hard at work on a new deal he is working on.  An exciting new startup business.  Which brought me to the notion of leadership and, in particular, leadership in a crisis

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Wishing you a Gray Haired Eminence for the New Year

Big Red Car here.  Happy New Year!

So The Boss is having a nice bourbon and gingerale with a pal of his and they get to talking about Boards of Directors.  In particular, about Boards of startups or small private companies or small public companies.  So, if you are on the Board of Exxon Mobil this is not for you but you can read it anyway and you will see the similarities.

The Boss has served on lots of Boards and is constantly being asked to serve on more.  He likes serving on Boards as does his pal.

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