Al Qaeda is on the run?

Big Red Car here.  Sorry that I have been so out of touch for the last three days but The Boss has been in Key Largo and has been trying to catch a tarpon.

Currently the score is showing:  The Boss 0, Tarpon 3.  The tarpon are throwing a shut out.  [Haha, Big Red Car.]

So this got me to thinking about the power of a good competition — like the United States v Al Qaeda, the guys who masterminded and executed the World Trade Tower disaster by flying hijacked planes into them and demolishing them at a loss of 3,000+ Americans.

The President’s meme

As part of the President’s election meme, he deserved re-election, in part, because he had thrown Al Qaeda back on their heels and they were no longer an effective force.

The Benghazi debacle reared its ugly head just before the election.  Because this incident did not jibe with the President’s meme, Al Qaeda was licking its wounds, we got the famous pissed off movie critics explanation pandered about by UN Ambassador Susan Rice who famously had absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, defense or state.

Ambassador Rice was arguably the least informed and most unlikely observer but for her steadfast loyalty to a President peddling a lie.

Al Qaeda reappears

Now Al Qaeda has reappeared in such great strength and with such organizational cunning as to require the United States to close all of its Middle Eastern embassies for a week because of a highly credible Al Qaeda threat promulgated with much specificity.

The Boss has just a bit of skepticism as the report indicates that the “chatter” has been out in the open and not encrypted.  There is a real possibility that it is a feint or that Al Qaeda is just seeing how the United States will react as a prelude to an attack in the future.  These Al Qaeda guys are quite patient.

So which one is it?

OK, so which one is it?

So, Old Sport, which one is it?

1.  Has Al Qaeda been decimated and no longer an effective force; or,

2.  Is Al Qaeda lurking in the shadows to reassert its presence as a terrorist organization?

Of course, if option no 2 is true, that would imply that the President has some ‘splaining to do, no?

The truth, Grasshopper, is always somewhere in the center.  Al Qaeda as been harmed but it is not out of business and while the President milked his meme to get re-elected, now it is apparent that we must remain vigilant and strong.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.



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