1942 — The Year That Tested the United States

It is good for us Americans to remember who we are when we face difficult challenges — for the record, the entire Corona Virus thing is a huge head fake and will turn out just fine, but we are unable to be calm these days, so it may be useful to revisit exactly who we are.

In 1942, we were reeling from the Japs destroying the American fleet at Pearl Harbor — 2,403 Americans KIA, 1,143 WIA, 18 ships sunk, 5 battleships sunk. We were now at war with Japan and Germany and our Army had been 189,000 men in 1939 when the Germans invaded Poland. By the end of 1939, the Germans would have 6,000,000 men under arms.

By the end of World War II, the US military would number more than 12,000,000 (more than 17,000,000 would serve), but it would take three and a half years to get there.

We would suffer 407,000 KIA and 671,000 WIA plus another 6,000 Merchant Marine KIAs. We would accept the unconditional surrender of every one of the Axis countries — Germany and Japan chief amongst them.

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Corona Virus — A Bad Feeling

My Spider Sense (which is stronger than 100 acres of garlic) is tingling as the world deals with the Corona Virus. Here is a depiction of the culprit. Ugly bug, no?

There is no evidence that the Corona Virus is spread by Corona Beer, though considerable research continues on this logical connection. If I were not so spooked by Mexico these days, I would take a sabbatical to study it myself.

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