We Are WINNING v The WutangCurse

OK, let me stick my neck out here and make a bold statement — “The United States is winning v the WutangCurse.”

Preliminary reports may not seem to indicate that, but I am telling you we are winning.

There I said it. Now, allow me to marshal the proof.

From the beginning of the WutangCurse, I have been following the www.worldometers.info numbers in regard to the Coronavirus, what I call the WutangCurse.

You can find the numbers right here:

World O Meter Coronavirus Numbers

I pay particular attention to the Daily New Cases for the United States of America. Scroll down and find the table that shows how many Daily New Cases we have each day. Then, I click on “USA” and see the breakdown by states.

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Why Not To Panic For Dummies –Wutang Flu

Peggy Noonan wrote a column today that is the piece-de-resistance of the intellectual panic in America today. As I read it, I laughed at her hyperbole and silliness.

Peggy Noonan Column ‘Don’t Panic Is Rotten Advice’

I suspect having been in the Army and having seen some really crazy stuff has anesthetized me a bit, but this is not the time to even use the word P A N I C.

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Corona Virus Working Theory

I have taken to calling the Corona Virus the Wutang Flu and I have developed a working theory as to what has really happened because, of course, whatever the Chinese are telling us is a lie.

Here is the essence of the Wutang Flu Theory:

 1. The Chinese have been sitting on this mess for more than 3 months trying to dampen the information because it reflects poorly on the Chinese Communist Party’s ability to control …………………………………………………….. everything.

Sort of like the year long riots in Hong Kong.

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Cut The Crap — Corona Virus

Every so often, it is useful to cut the crap and make damn sure we all know the FACTS about a situation. Today, we cut the crap pertaining to the Corona Virus. [I refuse to call it COVID-19 as it gives dignity to this shitty little bit of Chinese crap.]

Here’s what we know.

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Corona Virus — A Bad Feeling

My Spider Sense (which is stronger than 100 acres of garlic) is tingling as the world deals with the Corona Virus. Here is a depiction of the culprit. Ugly bug, no?

There is no evidence that the Corona Virus is spread by Corona Beer, though considerable research continues on this logical connection. If I were not so spooked by Mexico these days, I would take a sabbatical to study it myself.

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