Electric Vehicles — The Market Is NEVER Wrong

Comes now the Biden admin with its lofty Green New Deal that mandated wholesale conversion from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. To be clear, I am not opposed to electric vehicles.

[For a second, let’s suspend our skepticism as to from whence all that power will come, how it will be distributed by our fragile grid, where the chargers are, how long it takes to charge, and how EV batteries perform in extreme heat and cold. Play along.]

Carmakers — driven by generous government subsidies for their buyers — leapt aboard the train smiling and optimistic. It was a mass hallucination, a bloody love fest.

And then the rains came — customers did not buy the carmakers EVs, inventories grew to troubling levels, and they all re-thought their lofty goals, pushing their mandates to go “all electric” out further and further in time.

The market — as it always does — graded the offerings and said, “Nope.” Continue reading


Net Neutrality — Did It Wreck The Internet?

I woke from a dead sleep this morning at approximately 2:27 AM. I sat bolt upright and thought, “WTF happened when the FCC (Federal Communications Commission — I often clarify abbreviations when awoken suddenly) eliminated the net neutrality rules?”

Wasn’t the world supposed to end? What happened? It’s been two years already.

You will recall that the FCC in the person of its Chairman Ajit Pai (former general counsel for Verizon) drove this effort forward.

The Internet cognoscenti warned us that terrible, truly horrific things would happen:

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