Facebook And the H-1B Visa Scandal

Comes now our pals at Facebook who are under the microscope of a bunch of state Attorneys General to be busted up and reformed for a myriad of reasons.

In the specific instance of the state AGs, it is for smothering small businesses. This is different.

My name is Mark Zuck and I do not approve this message. Look into my eyes. We did nothing wrong. Do not listen to the Big Red Car. I will take him to a junkyard and crush him into a cube of red metal.

At the same time, Facebook is being sued by the Department of Justice for improperly filling a number of jobs — 2,600 high paying jobs — through the use of H-1B visas.

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Death In The Sanctuary State Of Illinois

Corey Cottrell, 39 years old, was riding his motorcycle on Main Street, in Bloomington, Illinois, on 22 June 2019. He was headed to see his mother at church.

Jose Rodriquez, a 27-year-old, Honduran illegal alien was driving a van owned by his employer east on Macarthur Boulevard, when he ran a red light and killed Cottrell, leaving Cottrell’s two daughters (11 and 14) fatherless.

Rodriquez not only killed Cottrell — enroute to see his mother at church, he ran over him as he fled the scene of the accident. Rodriquez ran into Cottrell; Rodriquez ran over Cottrell as he lay dying on the pavement, Rodriquez fled the scene of the accident.

Beer cans were found in the van.

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Illegal Immigration — Action Trumps Words

Want to talk illegal immigration with the Big Red Car? Sure, why not?

Big Red Car here awaiting the rains. It is supposed to rain today, but who really knows? We love rain in Texas! On Earth as it is in Texas!

So, the Big Red Car is focused on actual policy decisions by the Trump administration rather than the latest twenty minute meeting between Jared or Don or Ivanka or Eric or Paul and somebody at the Russian Tea Room.

What the Big Red Car likes is the impact of the bully pulpit and policy on illegal immigration.

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Immigration — the Battle Is Over

Big Red Car here on a Monday in the ATX. On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

So, the illegal immigration battle is heating up in the US due to President Donald J Trump actually keeping some of his campaign promises.

What’s up with that? A part time politician who actually intends to keep some of his campaign promises?

In the dictionary next to the word “lies” is the phrase — Campaign Promises. Doesn’t President Trump read the dictionary?

So, the battle is heating up, right?

No, dear readers, the battle is almost over. Indeed, it is over except for the crying and bayoneting the wounded. [Vicious little metaphor for so early on a Monday, Big Red Car? We may have to sic the whiny, liberal metaphor police on you, rust bucket.]

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Tapping Into Fear — Trump

Big Red Car here in the ATX on another glorious day. Going to be 75F and sunny. Yawn. On Earth as it is in Texas.

So, The Donald has created another controversy with his call for a “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the United States.

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Immigration in the Rear View Mirror

Big Red Car here. Ahh, finally the sun has returned and the rain has stopped. I am stretching in the 62F headed to 78F air temp. All is good.

On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

Now the dust has begun to settle on the President’s pronouncements on immigration. Some of the hysteria has begun to dissipate and folks can begin to ponder the reality of it all.

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