Nuclear Iran

Big Red Car here on a wet and dreary Saturday afternoon considering an equally dreary subject — the impending acceptance by the United States of Iran as a nuclear armed nation in the tinderbox we call the Middle East.

Oh, my God, Big Red Car — are you kidding me? There are few things as scary as contemplating a nuclear Iran.

Let’s review the bidding, y’all. Monday, 24 November 1014, is the deadline for the Iranians and others to arrive at an agreement to forestall the production of nuclear weapons by the state sponsor of terror we call Iran.

This is the place run by the Ayatollahs. They are supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror organizations.

The US and others had them squirming under a regime of sanctions which were slowly but surely bleeding them dry.

Then, the Obama administration agreed to relieve the sanctions in return for the Iranians simply showing up at the bargaining table. Show of good faith and all that or a horrific exercise in naivete — your choice but wait util Monday. Not much of a concession considering where Iran was economically — beginning to feel the heat and pain en route to seeing the light.

The Iranians have never backed down on their assertion that they are entitled, as a matter of sovereignty, to be able to develop, test and deploy nuclear weapons. They simultaneously contend, massive evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, they are not developing nuclear weapons but rather peaceful applications of nuclear power.

Of course, the level of uranium enrichment currently underway in Iran is in excess of that required for peaceful applications and there is ample evidence the Iranians are lusting after and actively pursuing nuclear weapons.

The negotiations, which were not close to bearing fruit, were previously extended for six months while the Iranians were publicly offering no encouragement that progress was being made and privately laughing at the US and her allies.

All of this brings us to 24 November 2014 when the Obama administration has to deliver to the world a nuclear responsible Iran — THAT MEANS AN AGREEMENT TO FORESTALL THE DEVELOPMENT, TESTNG AND DEPLOYMENT OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS. [Sorry for the obnoxious capitals.]

Stay tuned, folk. Good news travels at the speed of light and bad news doesn’t travel. No leaks yet, indicates we will be getting bad news on Monday.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.